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A letter to Obinna Emenaka

Dear Obinna Emenaka, my attention has been drawn to a false statement you made against me through your team of warriors on the social media.

It is totally unacceptable to say you fed me because you never did. How can you feed me when it has been proven generally that you are stingy even to yourself.

Let the truth be told my dear friend, I doubt your prospective representative capacity for the people of Anambra east and west Federal constituency in the green chamber come 2019 for quite some reasons of psychological concern.

You know too well that your attitude is unacceptable in tandem with your unsound political mind that has disgraced you many a times in the public. Emenaka, pause a bit and evaluate your political, social and entire life and answer yourself unsentimentally if you have the best interest of the public at heart, talk less of representing them in the green chamber.

My dear friend, you are a toddler in Anambra politics. I advise you to go to Chinedu Obidigwe to groom you. It is shocking that you have not been acting in your own best interest in politics.

I thought you should have acted like one with a good sound of knowledge which you claim to be, by leaning unto one or two respected politicians to teach you, groom and impact political wisdom into you head. It is wrong for you to still depend on your father for everything despite your old age. When will you grow up, dear friend?

Obinna Emenaka, don’t be shocked with the political embarrassment that will befall you in the forthcoming 2019 general election.

Since I deemed it necessary to set the record straight on your foolish political attempt to use politically motivated blackmails to muscle Chinedu Obidigwe out of the forthcoming February 2019 general election race, I will unequivocally say that you have submerged yourself with lies against me. How can you tell your team that you feed me. Are you well at all?

I repeat without fear of contradictions that Obinna Emenaka is not feeding me and has never fed me. The truth is that I share same office building with Obinna Emenaka. He stays downstairs doing his pharmaceutical business and mine was upstairs doing my journalism work.

Obinna Emenaka is not paying for my office apartments and as a matter of fact, I have two offices at Awka and he is not paying for any of them. His resort to diversionary tactics is a sign of defeat. You cannot eat your cake and have it back.

Obinna Emenaka is a stingy-greedy man whose philosophy is for the rich to get richer and the poor to remain poorer hence the reason why he is not happy with Chinedu Obidigwe, Akaoma jide aku olue umu ogbenye aka fight to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

Obinna you have refused to grow. Remove Ikem Emenaka, from yourself and tell me who you are? As far as I am concerned, you are nobody without your Father. The incontrovertible fact staring Obinna Emenaka at his face today is that his Father cannot salvage his dying political life.

Obinna Emenaka you have resorted to blackmail whereas the person you see as your worst political nightmare is busy doing the needful that is required of him and winning more converts. No amount of politically motivated blackmail will discourage me from fighting for a cause I believe in.

It might interest your social media team to know that I’ve been fortified spiritually and otherwise with blackmail and on this note heaping more blackmails on me can be likened to pouring water on a stone.

You are not a match to the political game changer, Hon Chinedu Obidigwe.  One thousand of you cannot truncate the divinely ordained House of Reps ambition of Hon Chinedu Obidigwe. Reason because you are a floating political man.

When Hon Chinedu Obidigwe was endorsed by the whole traditional rulers of Anambra east and west Federal constituency, your ideologically bereft followers dismissed and mocked the endorsement.

When the PG’S of Anambra east and west Federal constituency did the same thing, your followers earlier dismissed it as a non issue.

But as at today, the headache you and your team are having because of Hon Chinedu Obidigwe has turned to migraine. Your team hatched a foolish plot to use a forged letter to counter the unanimous endorsement of Obidigwe.

Finally, dear friend, I want you to accept that you are a failure and lean on me for mentorship and political growth. Your attempt to salvage your dying political life alone will not help you.

Rise up and accept your mistakes else I see you retiring in 2019.

Your humble friend,

Evang Chinedu Obigwe (Akaekpuchionwa),

National Coordinator APGA Media Warriors Forum.


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