March 20, 2018

2019: ‘Say no to political exploitation, violence’

2019: ‘Say no to political exploitation, violence’

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Chief Ugochukwu Nnam, National Coordinator, Initiative for Leadership Development and Change (ILDC), on Tuesday, urged Nigerian youths to avoid indulging in political exploitation and violence as 2019 general elections approaches.

Nnam told newsmen in Abuja that it was time for the youth to stop mortgaging their future in exchange for crumbs.

He condemned the manner in which some youths chose to enslave themselves in the name of politics.

“We are leaders of tomorrow as they say, but some of us have chosen to remain servants of tomorrow.

“With the way things are going, how and when shall we take our position as leaders of tomorrow after slaughtering that tomorrow,” Nnam said.

The ILDC boss also urged youths to rise to the occasion in order to enhance public confidence in governance.

Nnam, who described some youths in governance as bad example, called on them to retrace their steps to safe the future of youths.