March 19, 2018

2019: ‘APP will rebuild the country if elected’

National Chairman, Action Peoples Party (APP), Mr Ikenga Ugochiyeri, has said that the party would rebuild Nigeria`s economy and unite the people if voted into power in 2019.

He stated this on Monday in Abuja at the official public unveiling of the party.

Ugochiyeri decried the insecurity and spate of killings in parts of the country and said that there was urgent need to redeem its economy from imminent collapse.

He said that if the party won the presidency in 2019, it would stop the killings and bring perpetrators to book, even up to the International Criminal Court.

According to him, the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government has performed below the expectations of Nigerians and has also failed in its campaign promises.

The chairman said that the party would restore the country`s integrity and respect in the international scene, adding that its policy would be “Nigeria first’’.

He also said that under APP leadership, Nigeria`s relationship with the international community must be symbolic and reciprocal, while Africa would remain the centrepiece of its foreign policy.

He noted that though President Muhammadu Buhari had the constitutional right to re-contest, he advised him not to do so, saying that it was better to retire with the last vestiges of respect and houour.

Ugochiyeri advised that rather than re-contest in 2019, Buhari should support the emergence of a new generation of young leaders with his experience and age.

He warned that any attempt by the political class to manipulate the electoral process in 2019 would be resisted within the ambit of the law.

He said that in furtherance of its national healing agenda “and in fulfilment of its pursuit of equity, justice and fairness, the APP will lay to rest the controversies of June 12, 1993 presidential election’’.

The chairman said that the party would do so by announcing late M.K.O. Abiola as winner of the election as well as have him listed as a former president of the country.

He added that the APP would also ensure that June 12 was passed by the National Assembly as the national democracy day.

“This Bill which has been drafted and captioned June 12 Bill, will be presented to the Parliament once we are elected in 2019,’’ he said.

The chairman maintained that under an APP government, rule of law, transparency and accountability in the affairs of government would be observed at all times.

He also said that there would be political reforms and restructuring while the anti-corruption crusade would be transparent.

Ugochiyeri said the party`s youth development agenda would have the parliament pass a bill to reserve 40 per cent of all elective and appointive positions to young persons, between the ages of 18 and 40.

The objective of this, he said, was to groom new generation leaders, adding that the Bill had been drafted.

He said that APP would stand against tenure elongation and change of Constitution by sit-tight leaders in African countries and dictatorship in the continent, if elected.

“Nigeria shall more resolutely intervene on behalf of the people of Africa where there is violation and abuse of human rights and dignity.

“ We will no longer sit and allow some dictators continue to rape the dignity of their people and subject their citizenry to all sorts of human suffering, “the chairman said.

Newsmen report that the event was attended by members of the party from across the country, some Civil Society Organisations, representatives of INEC and National Youth Council of Nigeria.