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‘Women still have advantages over sex robots’

—Uche Edochie, Managing Director, Zee Virtual Media

Amid fears that sex robots might assume the place of women in the lives of men in the nearest future, renowned sex therapist and Managing Director of Zee Virtual Media, Uche Edochie, in this interview, says human females still have a greater advantage over robotic female partners in the lives of men.

Uche Edochie

By Josephine Agbonkhese

 What’s currently the demand rate for the new robotic sex doll in Nigeria?

There is no proper polling at the moment that has been done to gauge the demand rate. But from the social media reactions of people to the issue of sex dolls and robotic sex dolls, there is ample evidence that there is a lot of interest and enthusiasm for these creations.

Is there anything normal about craving for sex with a female robot instead of a human female?

This is normal because the culture of using sex toys for human sexual gratification has been in existence for decades now. Technology is helping us do more and more things.

Should women be scared of this sort of development?

This is not a male only service. There are male versions of these sex robots too aimed at the female demographic.

What danger does it pose to human intimate relationships?

In the future, these robots will develop in capacity and ability to look like humans. Experts predict that some of them will be so developed that one will not be able to distinguish between them and regular humans. They are also very intelligent and in fact, more intelligent than humans. Although humans choose to focus on the sexual implications of these robots, for now, the biggest threat future robots will pose is an existential one. Humans by nature dominate and maltreat every creature they consider to be beneath them. This human cruelty will be extended to robots as well and it is only a matter of time before robots begin to fight back by seeking independence and domination over humans. That is the bigger threat. But sexually, yes they are a threat to both women and men. If men and women can have robots who can be everything they want in a partner, it is likely that some people will prefer robotic romance and relationships to human ones. So it is up to humans to up their game and be better lovers. We need to be able to compete with these robots. There is really no other option.

Are there social implications to such scientific developments?

Yes. Robots are more intelligent than humans. So with time, they will take human jobs from humans because they will outperform us in the workplace. They will also constitute a big problem for human relationships because they will simply aim to be better than humans in everything. They are a big threat for sure. But for now, the first generation robots in production still lack a lot of physical capabilities. They cannot move very well so they are still very dependent on humans. These early robots on sale now are not really a threat yet except for the sexual aspect to some extent. Also, it is not as if men will stop wanting women because of robots and vice versa. It is just that with robots as an option for sex and relationships, men and women will not be too dependent on humans for these needs.

Finally, what should women do to measure up in terms of the strong points of these latest dolls?

Women simply have to be better as lovers and so do men. Women often complain about the inability of men to last in bed. Male robots can have sex and pleasure women endlessly. So this goes both ways. Like I said earlier, humans need to be competitive. Right now, humans have the edge because these robots cannot get pregnant and have kids and the male versions cannot father children either. Their movements and societal acceptance are severely limited at the moment so they cannot get jobs the way humans do. This means that economically, they cannot financially contribute to households the way that humans can. So for now, humans have a big advantage over them. But not for long. Twenty to 30 years from now, things will be totally different.



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