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Will state police end herdsmen/farmers clashes? (1)

States are too attached to the Federal Government. Representatives at the National Assembly should enact laws that would enable state police instead of the unending debate on it. A Chinese executive described Nigerian leaders as governing by talking rather than doing.

Mr. Femi Igwe, Sound Engineer 

The issue of state police has been on for long, just that we fail to see things ahead of time. If states are given the power to handle their security and carry out community policing, security threats such as the herdsmen, terrorists and other social vices in the various localities will be curbed. There is no doubt about that.

Ms. Loveth Isaac, Nurse

State police will not work for now, we are not ready. Governors will use them as thugs. Herdsmen issue is more political than we think. After all, these herdsmen and farmers have been existing and relating well since independence. Why is it now that APC is in power that such issue is coming up?
Mr. Igwe Buchi, Engineer

Too much noise with no action amounts to rubbish. Enough of all these talks. Let’s get started. Nigerians are dying everyday like rats due to avoidable insecurity nationwide. Let’s get the nation restructured now before 2019 elections. That is just what I have to say.

Mrs Tracy Phillip,


This issue is long over due. Whether you support it or not, it is very

obvious that we can’t avoid it. It is evil to leave Nigeria in the hands of a few and powerful cabal who will just ride on the perceived inaction of Mr. President to perpetuate themselves in power just for selfish interests.

Ms Ngozi Ikem,


State police formations
would be more effective and more community-friendly. It will be relatively better than the Nigeria Police Force,NPF. I do not see it as one that will erode the power and influence of the NPF because that could be overcome by the reclassification of offences into federal and state categories, as happens in America.
Mrs Morayo Iyoke, Self Employed


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