Valentine Day- Some residents of Lagos on Tuesday thronged saloons, malls and spas to prepare themselves for the celebration of Valentine’s Day coming up on Wednesday, Feb. 14

Valentine Day
Valentine’s Day chocolate treats at the Le Chocolatier fine chocolate store as they prepare for a Valentine’s day rush. Chocolate is one of the most popular gift giving traditions during Valentines Day. AFP

St. Valentine’s Day is known as lovers day, and is observed on Feb. 14 of every year in many countries around the world including Nigeria .

It is a season when couples and aspiring ones express their love for each other through exchange of gifts, dinning together at eateries and restaurants, going on trips to exotic locations and spending quality time together.

Also that body massage, beauty products, hair extension, lingeries, perfume, chocolate and flowers were the most patronized items by couples that would use them on the day.

Mrs Damilola Akindele that the patronage of products and services mentioned above had increased in the last three days.

She said that most of her clients were buying various perfumes and body creams that would make them look more beautiful on Valentine’s Day after they would have applied them to their bodies.

Mrs Bimbo Olayinka, the Chief Executive Officer of a spa house in Ikeja said that pre-order calls to her spa for facials and body massage had been impressive.

She noted that beauty is all about looking good, economic challenge does not really affect it because most women will rather starve than to look ugly or aged.

“As at today, I have 10 clients that have booked for facials, body spa and massage for Wednesday.”

Mrs Blessing Victor, the owner of a hair beauty saloon in Ikeja, said that more customers had visited her saloon for various hairdos.

She said most ladies were now learning to be frugal in their spending, they targeted this week for the change of hairstyles.

” They invest more in human hair that are more durable.

“Most men have caught up with the trend because there has been an increased order for hair extension as gift for their spouses this season,” she said.

Mr Dayo Oluwaseun, the owner of special cakes in Ikeja, said that the economic challenge had affected the business of bakers.

Oluwaseun said that customers were no more spending much in recent times to get the best and quality cakes as before.

He noted that the level of patronage for cakes was a bit low compared to the previous year.

“There will be a Valentine season discount for all my customers,” he said.

Some women and men interviewed on Tuesday also told NAN that Valentine’s Day was an opportunity for them to show affection to their loved ones and generally, people in need.

Mrs Fungi Abiola, an accountant, said Valentine’s day is known as lover’s day.

” It is cherished and anticipated by people in romantic relationships as they get to spend time with their spouses enjoying special treats.”

She advised women to always pay extra attention to what makes their husband happy and support their hobbies.

“Surprise him, it doesn’t have to be his birthday or a specific holiday, randomly surprise him by purchasing something special for him, something he desires,” she said.

Also, Shade Akintola, a fashion designer, said Valentine’ Day simply was a period when people should always show love to one another.

It should not be when boyfriend or girlfriend should show love to themselves alone but for everyone including family members and friends too, she said.

Akintola said that her special Val for this year would’ve her mother.

“I will shower all the love to my mum whom I believe deserve it.

She said that despite the state of the economy, Nigerians would still remain a happy people.

“They will always find a way to celebrate regardless of the situation, we will celebrate even if it requires drinking garri,” she said.

Also, Toyin Oluwafemi, a civil servant, described Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love and sacrifice with or without financial attachment to it.

Oluwafemi added that it was ideal to celebrate the day despite the current economic situation in the country.

He said Valentine’s Day celebration did not imply a period to over do, rather it is a time to reflect on , experience and share the true meaning of love.

“As for me Valentine’s Day should be everyday, though Feb. 14 is set aside for.

“But for me, it should be timeless and daily, it must not be expensive but should be observed by what it represents,” he said.

Similarly, Mrs Josephine Alex said Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for the celebration of love and is observed almost across the globe.

Alex said that the romantic practice dates back to the 5th Century in remembrance of a Christian martyr called St. Valentine.

It is associated with red colour and an alluring red rose flower, she said.

She said the celebration had gone beyond normal observation to something of a social attraction with parties, festival and even seminars.

“Some corporate and public organizations usually adorn their offices with roses while staff members wear red cloths or a peck of red as Valentine’s Day fashion.

“Churches also organise youth programmes to educate and redirect the minds of youths from the only perceived erotic love practice to platonic feelings towards one another.

“Some offices also organise small get together events, sometimes with balloted name picking for gifts sharing and so on,” she said.(NAN)


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