February 17, 2018

President Buhari reinstates NHIS boss who is currently under probe for alleged fraud, Nigerians react

By Juliet Ebirim & Adetutu Adesoji

This administration does not intend to curb corruption as promised – Cornell Udofia, Publicist

This government   really does not have any agenda to curb corruption as earlier promised. The decision to re-instate  Prof. Yusuf shows how deep corruption has eaten into the fibre of our beloved society. It also concurs  with the saying that “The pest that eats the vegetable is in the vegetable’.

In simpler argument, we can say that every misdeed or misappropriation is the work of those in high places and it flows down. The President has disappointed many as a result of his continuous display of outright nepotism, ethnocentrism and allowing ubiquitous malfeasance by some people in government.

This is shameful, President Buhari should resign – Duke Onwudiwe, Building Consultant

This government claims to be fighting corruption but they are have many con-men. Reinstating someone who is under probe sends a red flag. I am ashamed of the present leadership and it is not an overstatement to say that Nigeria has gone from worse to worst.

There are indeed sacred cows… – Benjamin Samson, Journalist

For me, it is a big dent and a mockery of President Buhari’s fight against corruption. It confirmed the allegations in some quarters that there are indeed sacred cows in this administration. If not, how can the President reinstate a man that has been indicted by a probe panel?.

A man that is under investigation by EFCC. The president’s action also undermines the minister of health, Prof Isaac Odewale who initially ordered for his suspension and probe. Don’t forget that the same Yusuf boasted that it is only the president that can remove him.

I think the President got it wrong —Ali Isah

On the reinstatement of Professor Usman Yusuf, the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), I think the President got it wrong. Things should be done procedurally but it seems this has not been done,”

What is wrong is wrong —Musa Abba

Mr. President was voted for is his promise to fight corruption. So if the NHIS boss was suspended for corrupt practices, why was he brought back without informing the Minister who suspended him in the first place? What is wrong is wrong and what the President did by bringing him back is wrong,”.

The president is up to something – Eseoghene Ogbisi, Entrepreneur

President Buhari works in a peculiar way. I think he is doing this to trick the NHIS boss in order to get him to refund looted funds. He has done it before and it worked, he did the same with NPA’s former Managing Director who eventually refunded 6.6 million pounds.

I think this is a way to apprehend this man, I don’t think the president would want to surround himself with corrupt and scandalous people. We need to be patient and allow the president to work.

It raises questions about the anti-corruption campaign – Lanre Adenmosun, OAP & Digital Marketer

I think this goes on to further raise questions and doubts about the anti-corruption campaign and change slogan that this present government used in buying us over during the last elections. More so, the talks of tribalism also come to the fore.

I feel terribly sorry for Prof Isaac Adewole who made an attempt to be upright. In Nigeria, they say “if you can’t beat them, join them”, this saying that has become normal will end up destroying this nation if we don’t stand and speak up as a people. We know what is right but we pray and do nothing.