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Nollywood producer condemns domestic violence against women

By Gabriel Ewepu

A Nollywood producer and actress, Happy Julian-Uchendu, has condemned domestic violence against women in strong terms, following the negative effects on most families and society in general.


Uchendu who expressed dismay over the assault carried out by parents on each other over unresolved issues said their children easily pick up such actions and attitude, they grow with it and practice it when they establish their homes.

She disclosed that her recent movie titled My Silence, whose trailer is out, stars reputable actors and actresses including Kenneth Okolie, Lillian Esoro, Tamara Eteimo, Happy Julian Uchendu, Thelma Okodua, Charity Onah and Tony Ezemmadu portrays and condemns the negative impacts of raising children on a wrong foundation, especially with domestic violence and brainwashing them that women are to be treated as‘slaves’ and ‘servants,’ therefore they should be handled with ‘iron fist.’

She said the movie is her contribution towards proffering solution to domestic violence in the country, and it will help women suffering domestic violence to speak out rather than be silent and think they can handle the brutality; they should seek counsel from non-governmental organisations to solve the problem.

She also counselled married men and women to understand their emotions, and learn how to manage it without going on to assault each other physically, mentally and psychologically, and they are to give their children proper training so as not to embrace violence against women.

She said: “Domestic violence has been a menace that has set many families aflame and the impact has been devastating. This violence is snowballing into what people cannot imagine, although it has been a discourse at different fora based on cases in public domain, whose victims are majorly women.

“Women are to speak out about domestic violence, and I am not saying they should speak out for divorce. Some women keep it to themselves and swallow it. Domestic violence is alarming now, most women don’t want to speak out because of the children they have, while some hope the marriage will be better and endure the violence. It is left for the women to open up. Some women are sometimes the cause of domestic violence because they don’t understand how to handle their husband’s emotions, and if you harass your man and insult him, he will flare up and lay his hands on you, and women also should be understood by their men. I think it will go a long way to solve the problem.

“This notion and poison gets into the lives of these children and they practice same when they become married men. That is why my movie titled My Silence, which is a true life story basically portrays the violence some husbands carry out against their wives because of the background and training they got from their fathers and some from their friends who negatively influence them.

“Also the movie tends to educate women and men not to be silent when they are in such horrifying situation of domestic violence, but should seek counsel from relevant non-governmental organisations that would tell them what to do instead of divorce because it is not the best option to tackle domestic violence. I am against divorce.”

She also urged nongovernmental organisations to be committed in helping people who are experiencing domestic violence as a way of reducing it.



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