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Nigerians speak: On Big Brother Naija show

By Juliet Ebirim & Adetutu Adesoji

I don’t see the joy in watching it – Ejike Kanife, Writer

I don’t watch the show because I find it neither amusing nor intriguing or even suspense-filled. It’s just a couple of guys living in isolation, doing some of the things regular guys do everyday. I don’t see the joy in watching that. I respect the choice of millions of people who find it enjoyable though. So I don’t have a problem with it.

BBN promotes sexual immorality and waywardness – Paul Elendu, IT Consultant/Gospel artiste

The previous Big brother show was all about showcasing and enhancing the gifts and talents of our youth. But this edition is just promoting sexual immorality and trash. We need shows to project the good of our land. I don’t know the criteria with which the organisers use to judge or pick people.

Most of the housemates in this edition have nothing to offer other than sex and waywardness. Big brother should look out for people with gifts and talents to make Nigeria proud and also to impact the youth positively.

I don’t see the relevance – Esther Bamiloshin, Media Personality

I don’t see the relevance of the show. First and foremost, I don’t watch it. I just catch glimpse of it…I know they are selling their market, but they should try and make it more educative and impactful.

BBN should be banned – Oliver Uzoma-Okafor, Interior Designer

It should be banned, after all the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) ban some music videos. So BBN ought to be banned. Why can’t they use the prize money to promote practical creativity of individuals who excel academically or otherwise. I see no benefit watching the show.

It is sheer waste of time – Abimbola Emmanuel

It’s a waste of time and money. Those sponsoring the show should look for students without standing performances and give them that N45million. A programme that is not educative or informative in any way… What morals does it teach us?

We just watch a display of stupidity that’s all. It impacts negatively on the youths because it makes them think they can make cheap money without education or a vocation. All they need do is go for the show and earn a lot of money. And if that is not possible, they resort to crime in order to make money.

The show is very entertaining – Oluwamayowa Agunloye, Student

The Big Brother Naija show has no negative effect per se. The show is x-rated and I guess that means only mentally matured people should watch it. It is very entertaining, because if it wasn’t people would not have joined WhatsApp groups for updates or follow tweets and hash tags about the show. There are morals to take from the show, let’s look beyond the sexual part and all of that.

There are intellectual and behavioral morals, these people are not just in the house for three months to have sex. We all need to loosen up a bit, the country is way too serious already and some of us help ourselves with Big Brother.

The prize money is too much – Ngozi Jude, Aspiring Presenter

I believe the Big Brother Naija show is not in any way positively impacting the youths. Rather it gears their attention towards less relevant issues which in no way can contribute to their lives. I would say the show is entertaining to some people, although I’m not a fan, I only watch when I can.

I don’t think there are any morals to learn from the show. The prize money is too much for just one person. That money can be invested into something else, that will generate more income and reduce the rate of unemployment in the society.

Nigerians use the show to forget economic problems – Temilorun Ajayi, Entrepreneur

Personally, I don’t think there is any moral to take away from the Big Brother Naija show. But I feel Nigerians like anything that will keep them glued to their TV sets just to relax and forget about what Buhari has done, is doing or is yet to do.

The show is meant to be entertaining, but lacks morals, although they try as much as possible to enact rules and regulations. It is not a food show neither is it a documentary, we are just watching people’s lifestyle like the Kardashians.

It doesn’t impact the viewers in any way – Vivian Jude, Entrepreneur

The show is not impacting the viewers in anyway. It is only good for the housemates because it gives them a platform to showcase their talents and also makes them famous. The show is quite entertaining; we get to see the good, the bad, the funny and the stupid housemates.

The only moral lesson that can be taken from the show is the importance of being one’s self, it teaches that living a fake life is wrong because the viewers can see the housemates that are fake and as a result of this, such housemate would lose votes and might end up not winning the game.

Viewing the show can can be addictive – Kingsley Osazuwa, Computer Engineer

Big Brother Naija show is a major way of entertaining Nigerians. It is also a way of encouraging the youths to explore their opportunities, I mean the housemates in the big brother house are not extraordinary people, so youths can take advantage of the opportunity by probably auditioning for the next edition in order to show their talents to the world.

Although there are some disadvantages to the show, for example, viewing the show could be addictive. People get so engrossed in watching the show that they do not have time to engage in other productive things and that is not encouraging. Talking about morals, I don’t think there are morals to learn from the show, all the housemates act crazy and they are not of good conduct.

I don’t have a problem with the housemates having sex – Wealth Akintunde, Entrepreneur

The show is entertaining to an extent, as well as educating with some moral lessons. The show teaches tolerance and endurance. Housemates learn to tolerate one another in the house. It also brings out the best in people and helps them discover their creative sides. The show is not entirely negative because I feel that what you see is what you get. The only negative thing so far is the use of foul words by the housemates.

I don’t have a problem with the housemates having sex as they are all adults. If as a viewer you can’t condone watching the sex scenes why not stop watching for that moment? Sex is a normal thing so why is everybody ranting. This is a game and those involved are adults. I feel the show has more positive than negative impacts on the Nigerian youths.


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