February 25, 2018

Mama J never die yet ooo, says Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage

Nigeria’s sensation, Tiwatope Savage-Balogun, aka Tiwa Savage, has refuted reports that she had died, Tiwa Savage on her Instagram said ‘Mama J never die yet ooo’

Tiwa Savage

The rumour according to reports was started by a Facebook page with a post that Tiwa Savage died of heart failure.

Tiwa Savage on her Instagram refuted the report as she shared the screen shot of the fake news

‘Mama J never die yet ooo’ she said

Some of those who reacted to fake news of her death said

‘otibrainztextiles A dead person can’t be posting video on Instagram.. Why would people be wishing smone dead..Nigerians ehn..i weak for them….you shall not die but live o..u never finish work dear @tiwasavage still have to make more money ..make haters go die

‘onomeanny They are fake news saying you’re dead oh @tiwasavage

‘itzmarvelousbenji@tiwasavage just day on her own jejely people are online posting picture that she have died.wen will all dis nonsense stop in Nigeria

‘nwagufTiwa made me love blak gals. Havent dated any fair lady since kele kele love came out
official_kingjos@tiwasavage as you’re still alive. . Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, tomorrow maybe late,. And God will bless you

‘cocomagicalmemoriesPeople who create pictures of celebrities with R. I. P on their faces and people who circulate such pictures and fake news without confirming, the hate in you is toxic, very toxic. Deriving pleasure from circulating such fake news won’t conceal their achievements at all. Wish others well, success is attractive you know.

‘freshboizgezfreshmoniRumors that tiwa is dead….pls tiwa savage I want u to answer us 😢
anyanwu7508@cocomagicalmemories thank you… You have said it all
chibueze_darlingRip dear
tygafellaMami @tiwasavage please make a new post,I need to be sure of what am seeing on FB,