February 3, 2018

Halimat Oniru on a mission to inspire women

Halimat Oniru on a mission to inspire women

By Oba Michael Soyebo

At a time when so many women are stuck and looking for inspiration in wrong directions. There seems to be a glimmer of hope as one of Nigeria’s dame of entrepreneur, Halimat Oniru, the magic wand behind Haleem Group has continued to be a blessing to the female folks.

The well connected woman of substance, we gathered through her company which has its presence in about 4 states – Lagos, Delta, Bayelsa and Cross River and headquartered in Abuja has continued to create job opportunities for tens of thousands in the face of tough economic realities.

Halimat Oniru

Haleem Group has scored many first in its line of business operations and the company is rated as one of the top dredging giants in West Africa and boasts some top notch jobs in Lagos.

The brand is synonymous with excellence and a major player in the road construction scene in Nigeria. To her credits, Halimat, has built a brand for herself through hard work and clear sense of purpose. Though, private as ever, Halimat is a symbol of courage and hope to the younger female generation.

Aside her enviable entrepreneur status, Halimat is an epitome of beauty and humility. She is also not lacking in the fashion aspect. The easy going paragon of beauty has done a lot in the area of humanity as well.