It is a new year package into the Nigerian beverage market as Ekulo Group, one of Nigeria’s biggest commodity marketing, distribution and manufacturing conglomerate partnered one of Ghana’s leading conglomerate, Angels Group of companies to introduce Adonko Bitters in Nigeria.

Speaking on the brand, General Manager, Adonko Bitters Limited, Mr. Daniel Darko Nyameky said, “Nigerian consumers will find in Adonko, a great taste, healing efficacy and wonderful toxifier, saying further that Adonko is Ghana’s pride, brewed in Kumasi by seasoned master mixologist, Agya Adonkor.

According to him, “Adonko brand of bitters promises to out flank and eventually dislodge fake, inferior and poisonous concoctions pass off as bitters from shelves and stores in Nigeria, even as it shines like a bright luminescent in a dark and bleary tunnel”.

Nyameky said that apart from quality and affordability, Nigerian consumers will savour the goodness of Adonkor and its appealing taste based on its factors that evidently set it apart from others in the market: originality, applicability, availability, NAFDAC recognition and unfakebility.

He stresses that Adonko bitters is natural from all ramifications, made from the purest virgin herbal extracts sourced within the deep rain forests of Ghana, it has been used as medicinal healers from a vast range of ailments such as indigestion, heart burns, ulcers, heart regulation, liver flushing, aphrodisiac and memory enhancer. Saying further that the efficacy of Adonko is indisputable, its taste and quality impossible to replicate as the brand secrets are hidden in the annals of the Agya Adonko brewers house in Kumasi.

In addition, Marketing/Sales Manager, Adonko Bitters Limited, Samuel Amankwa while enumerating the benefits of the new brand of bitters launched into the Nigerian market said, Adonko Bitters has no dosage and at the same time, consumers should take according to their capacity. He further explained how the Bitters can regularise irregular menstruation, battle infertility and most importantly enhance sexual strength of men and women to a greater height.

Amankwa also described how first Adonko Bitters researched and launched into Ghanaian market two years ago has attracted testimonies of which a women who stopped seeing her menstruation for 15 years saw it again after she placed herself on shots of  Adonko Bitters.

He said that because of the medicinal value of the Adonko Bitters, despite its two years of launching it controls 75% of Bitters market in Ghana. And with the Nigerian population the brand is capable to push others aside and control the Nigerian market.

The Marketing Manager, Ekulo Group, Mr. Emeka Oramadike encouraged Nigerians to partronise the product and that Adonko Bitters is unique in its nature because of 11 different plants involved in the blending different from what we are seeing today in the market.

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