February 17, 2018

Anita Joseph reveals her altar-bound lover is a farmer

Anita Joseph

By Ayo Onikoyi

Hot and relentlessly visible Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, has never made St. Valentine’s Day a big issue but the last one was a bit of something special to the voluptuous screen diva as she celebrated the day with some romantic aplomb.

For some time now, a small rumour that the actress has been swept off her feet and that she may be heading to the altar pretty soon has been playing on the lips of her close friends and what she posted on Val’s day may just be the seal on the rumour lurking in the dark.

Like many in love, Anita Joseph joined the train on Wednesday by penning a romantic missive to her mysterious lover, on her Instagram, tagging the short missive “Letter to my Lover”

Anita wrote:”My heartbeat  the only man who understands me and loves me wholeheartedly. Being with a woman like me ain’t easy because of my kind of job. I am here today and there tomorrow But you still help me plan me. I love you everyday and always. Cheers to all the strong men in every entertainer’s life. E no easy,thanks for being our number one fan.s”

Of course, Anita gave a bit of hint during her birthday a couple of weeks ago that her heart is taken by stating in one of her many birthday posts that she would celebrate her next birthday as Mrs so and so, but coy on revealing the name of the lucky guy.

When Potpourri prodded her to give the name or any hint on the identity of the lover, the hipsy actress declined, saying she wants this very private. But whether as a joke or not, when asked what the guy does for a living as he is not into entertainment, the actress replied wryly, “ He’s a farmer”.