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Would you allow your spouse/partner use a sex doll if you’re unable to satisfy him?

By Juliet Ebirim

“I want to get a sex doll,” he said and I gaped in awe.

“Babe, wait, let me explain. I don’t want to have an affair with another woman and it will save us from any diseases and all the drama associated with it.”

I cringed.

“Sex doll,” I heard myself say in disgust and sheer disbelief that the thought actually crossed my husband’s mind. I know the situation was dire and perhaps my husband was being made to pay the price for something that is and will never be his fault. But the thought of having him share the same bed – one in which I’m in – with a sex doll was a no, no for me…”

The above is a scenerio between a man and his wife who was recently diagnosed to be suffering from hypo-active sexual desire disorder (a condition of numbness and lack of interest in sex). Lately, social media has been awash with one sex doll story or another. The idea that a human being would be intimate with a doll…a doll, something made from plastic beats my imagination. All said, what would you do if you were in this woman’s shoes? Here are the responses of some female celebrities’

I will not be substituted  — Annette Cookey, Singer

Unable to satisfy my man? First of all,  I will never be with a man that I can’t satisfy. And believe me, satisfying my partner/spouse is my priority. I am more than able and  I will do it joyfully but if he suggests in anyway that I am not enough then I’m off. I will not be substituted, Never! Let him kuku marry the doll na.

No, he will become addicted to it — Mutiat Alani, Actress

The fact is I wouldn’t because he will be addicted to it and I might not get his attention again as my husband. I would rather improve myself in that aspect. And moreover, I can learn more through Kamasutra and the likes. So there’s no point allowing a sex doll in my home.

A sex doll is as good as sleeping with a corpse — Mimisola Daniels, Actress

Mimisola Daniels

A sex doll won’t satisfy him either. So I will have to learn how to satisfy him. For me, a sex doll is a No No! How will the sex doll satisfy him? Sleeping with a sex doll is just as good as sleeping with a corpse. I will try to be good for him in bed.

Women use sex toys too, so… — Scarlet Shotade Gomez

I honestly cannot put myself in that scenario. But if for any reason I can’t satisfy my husband and he wants to use a toy, then he can go ahead. After all, women use sex toys too.. it’s only fair. A doll cannot  take my place though, because he can’t share feelings or have children with it. It can’t even prepare his meals and pray for him.

He has my full support — Seyi Hunter, Actress/Sex Vlogger

Seyi Hunter

We all know men are insatiable and one woman can’t satisfy a man. If you like, give him “snake in the monkey shadow” style, he’ll still cheat. So if he wants to get a sex doll, he has my 1000% support, after all it is better than sleeping around. Sex doll can’t take my place.

Yes I prefer him using a sex doll than being with another woman — Bella Ebinum, Actress

Yes I will. It is far better than cheating on me with another woman and probably getting her pregnant or getting sexually transmitted diseases outside. I don’t think a sex doll can completely take my place because they can’t do the cooking and laundry. Even if the sex doll completely takes my place, it’s better and comforting than for another woman to take my place.


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