January 16, 2018

Towards One Million, Stop the Violence, One Nigeria march

AS killings by herdsmen continue to attract global attention, the Arab Event Nigeria Organisation, plans to kick off its “One Million Stop the Violence, One Nigeria” march in Abuja. The event is also in commemoration of birthday of Martin Luther King Jnr, who was renowned for his movement for peace and tolerance in the United States and world over.

According to Ms. Ngozi Kachikwu of Arab Movement Nigeria, the Arab Event Nigeria Organization plans to lead a “One million, Stop the Violence, One Nigeria March,” to kick off from Abuja this year. The title speaks loudly for the agenda. Nigeria needs to stop the violence to remain one country. We need peace to develop.

“The lessons to be learned from the “One million, Stop the Violence, One Nigeria March,” is the legacy of non-violence culled from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jnr. In Dr Martin Luther King’s words, the purpose of education is to enable a man to become more efficient and train one for quick, resolute and effective thinking. We must remember that intelligence is not enough; intelligence and character are the goals of true education. Nigeria is one; we will celebrate our diversities and strengths.” She added that the One Million, Stop the Violence, One Nigeria March and road show kicks off from Abuja in 2018, and will go all over the 36 states, with sensitization, awareness, and distribution of job creation packs.