January 21, 2018

Private education has bright future – Ex-LASU VC

Educational services provided by private investors have come to stay just as they have great future, the immediate past Vice Chancellor University of Lagos, Professor Rahamon Bello, has said.

He made the observation during a lecture titled, “Private Education in Nigeria, Sustainability in the next 50 years,” as part of the activities to mark the 50th anniversary of Grace Schools.

According to him, any serious attempt to access the place of private education in national development in the next 50 years must take note of four main factors: Public sector activities in education, quality of public school education, the economy and government policy.

In terms of public sector activities in education, he noted: “The increasing demand of other competing social services like health, transportation may not enable funds large enough for the public sector to meet its obligation in education. Hence the involvement of the private sector in both the primary and secondary education is likely to keep expanding if the objective of the compulsory even if not free education up to Basic 9 or junior secondary school is to be met”.

The lecture kick started the 50th anniversary celebrations of Grace Schools.

Earlier, the Administrator of the schools, Mrs. Tokubo Edu, had commended her late mother, Deaconess Grace Oshinoaro, who founded the institution on January 8, 1958, and disclosed that Grace Schools had kept its commitment to all round education with global perspective and zeal for excellence, adding that the next 50 years will be amazing.