January 8, 2018

There is no hope that Buhari has capacity to deliver on good governance – Northern Coalition

There is no hope that Buhari has capacity to deliver on good governance – Northern Coalition


By AbdulSalam Muhammad
KANO – No fewer than 36 Northern Coalition of Concerned Youths and Women Groups Sunday in Kano kicked against President Muhammadu Buhari bid to seek second term in office.


Addressing Reporters at the NUJ press centre, Kano, the Chairman of the Coalition Groups, Comrade Abdulmajeed Babangida Sa’ad said that President Buhari’s last three years in office has not shown signs of direction that suggest meaningful improvement if offered the opportunity.

Babangida said that “the Coalition out of patriotism and zeal for purposeful drive to posterity wish to asked Mr. President to honourably shun any call by sycophants and mischievous politicians who are bent on continued self serving ego which is detrimental to the diverse interest of the teeming populace”

Sa’ad stated that “from what we have seen over the last three years , we are convinced there are no concrete groundswell of hope that Buhari has the capacity to delivered on good governance when given the second chance.

The Youths Coalition said “this Government has failed, and the issue of security goes beyond insurgency , you have unemployment, no basic and effective health system, education is collapsing, and all these are elements that have direct bearing to the security” .

Speaking further “the way people percieved security is very narrow , they should looked at security beyond insurgency, and to put into consideration the kidnapping, farmers/herdsmen clash , ethnic clashes, and religious tension”

Commenting on the legitimacy of the Groups, Babangida Sa’ad said “a larger number of these Group are registered with Coporate affairs, and are recognized by the law, most others are pressure Group and are equally recognized by law because of the section of the Constitution that recognize freedom of Association”

The Chairman who denied that the Coalition are been used by another interest group explained that “most of us here were part of fought for the actualization of this Government , and nobody in the past accused us of supporting the Government, we palyed our part in bringing the government to power, and now we discovered it is performing below our expectation, and it seems it has no blue print or programme to delivered Nigerians from the problems they are in, and our advise is that they should delivered on there promises rather than thinking of a second term.

The Northern Youths Coalition said “it is obvious that there a lot of contradiction , and evidence of cluelessness in this government, and we cannot wait and be expecting it will have any yielding result at the end.”