January 25, 2018

Nigeria needs new breed politicians – National Chairman, Peoples Coalition Party



The Pro-tem National Chairman of the Peoples Coalition Party, PCP, Mr. Don Harmattan has advocated the take over of governance of country by new breed politicians asserting that the present crop of politicians have failed Nigerians.

Harmattan who spoke in Makurdi during the grassroots mobilization for his party in Benue state noted that there was an urgent need of the breath of fresh air in the Nigerian political space which could be made possible by new entrants in the scene.

According to him, “apart from having new breed politicians, anyone with any record of indictment or dented with cases of corrupt practices should no more be entrusted with positions of authority in the country.”

He noted that governance in Nigeria needed new hands who were full of ideas and well knowledgeable in the current global development trends to be able to move the country to sustainable development levels and higher heights.

“At the moment we need to evolve a trend where the government and the governed will have easy access to each, share ideas and tackle development challenges on the same pedestal.

“That is where the Peoples Coalition Party, PCP, comes in, ours is a party that will respond rapidly to the needs of the people, harness the potentials of the people, create jobs and develop the capacity of the people to drive the development of the country.

“We are out to give Nigerians a platform to actualize their dreams of an egalitarian society where every Nigerian will be proud of a country where he or she will be able to aspire and actualize his or her dreams.

“The Peoples Coalition Party, PCP, is a political platform that will change the current narrative of the country that has left Nigerians in despair and disappointed in their political leadership.

“What we currently have is a situation where the government is removed far away from the people and even our elected representatives think of themselves first before the people they claim they represent.

“This accounts for the heinous killings taking place around the country by suspected herdsmen and the people are left to bear the brunt as if we have no government in place, but we must change the narrative come 2019