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Men are victims of domestic violence too – Ayinke Kujore

•Says,“ I’m not the romantic type”


It is a general belief that children are meant to follow in the footsteps of their parents and even do better. This is not so for popular Nigerian broadcaster, Ayinke Kujore who is the daughter of ace juju musician, Dayo Kujore who chose to follow her passion rather than stick to the status quo. In this interview, she bares it all on how she was able to cope with her decision to follow her dreams.

•Ayinke Kujore

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I’m Ayinke Kujore, daughter of legendary juju musician, Dayo Kujore. I’m from a polygamous family and I’m the third and last child of my mother.

What was it like being raised by a famous father?

Actually, I knew him to be a very busy man while I was growing up, but despite his busy schedules he tried to create time for his children.

What course did you study in school?

I studied music at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife.

Did your father influence your course of study?

No, he didn’t. I studied music because of my love for it, coupled with the fact that I was born into music. In fact my father insisted that I must not do music regardless of the fact that he is a musician.

How did you develop the love for broadcasting?

It all started in 2013 when Uncle Bimbo Ogunsanya, a movie producer called me and talked to me about presenting on a new TV station, Orisun (the source) on Startimes.  At first I was scared because I didn’t really think I could present but then Uncle Bimbo encouraged me and that was how I started going to Orisun studio to experience how things are done. After a while I was given a show called ‘Miliki Express’ to handle and here I am today.

What are the challenges you face in your career?

High expectations from fans, they expect you to be what you are not. Also, pressure from friends who think I’m rich because they see me on TV. I find it challenging when I invite guests to the show and they don’t show up

How do you deal with these challenges?

I don’t feel pressured because I understand and I know what I’m doing. I’m very real and I don’t impress.

How do you handle your male fans?

My male fans are a part of my craft, so, I will always have them in my life. I try as much as possible to listen to their criticisms, opinions, praises, prayers and use it to be better at my craft, but there are boundaries. And if they want more (you know what I mean) I politely decline, they may not like it but that is typical of a young lady with integrity.

Since you love and studied music, will you consider going into music?

If God wishes. Anything can happen, so, people should keep their fingers crossed.

What has working with Orisun been like?

The experience of working with Orisun has been a good one. I have learnt to be confident and diligent at what I do. In all, I will say it has been a fun filled and educative experience.

What door has your father’s name opened for you?

My father’s name ‘Wonder Dayo Kujore’ is a powerful name in the music aspect of the entertainment industry and it has opened so many doors for me. Anytime I meet people that know my father, they always want to be my friend and associate with me. Also, in my broadcasting career, the name has given me access to meet and interact with celebrities. I remember back in secondary school, whenever my father was not around and we had not paid our school fees, the school authority would send everyone that had not paid out of the class except me and my siblings, the name has been a blessing.

Are you in a relationship?

No, I’m not.

What are the qualities you look out for in a man?

He must be God fearing, hardworking, understanding and cute.

Lover, fighter or a romantic person, what are you?

I’m a lover. Fighter? Well, I really don’t know how to keep quiet when anyone does things I’m not cool with. I’m a blunt and no nonsense person; I can be rude and also fight when it comes down to it. I’m not the romantic type.

Aside broadcasting, what else do you do?

I’m studying mass communications at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism; I’m doing this to be better at my job.

What’s your take on domestic violence?

I totally condemn domestic violence; I don’t think any man should hit a woman because men are physically stronger than women. I also know that women don’t want to admit that they might also have a hand in this, but that is the truth. I have seen gentle men turn into beasts because of constant verbal abuse from their wives. Words sometimes hurt just as much as physical harm and everyone has a breaking point. Women never talk about this, they prefer to always play the victim and put all the blame on men. Most times when men hit women, it is premeditated, except for some sick men who just hit women to show they are the head of the home. I say ‘no’ to domestic violence; and women should try to control their tongue while men should try to control their anger no matter what.

So, what will you do if your partner hits you?

I don’t pray for such, that is not my portion. I must know him well even before dating him and would be sure he is not a wife beater.

What are your hobbies?

I love talking, travelling, reading, singing and meeting people.

How would you describe your dress sense?

Simple, classy and comfortable.




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