By Simon Ebegbulem

BENIN—Benin National Congress, BNC, a Benin socio-cultural organisation, yesterday warned that people of the state will not accept the proposed cattle colony in any part of the state, noting that hundreds of Edo women have been killed and raped by Fulani herdsmen, therefore ¨We will not legitimize their killing antics.”


In a statement by BNC Director of Mobilization, Osaretin Igbinogun, the group appealed to Governor Godwin Obaseki and President Muhammadu Buhari not to raise the issue of establishing cattle colonies in the state in order not to remind the people of the atrocities perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen in various communities in Edo State, adding that the blood of innocent people they have killed were still fresh in the memories of Edo indigenes.

The statement said, ¨We wish to draw the attention of the President of Nigeria and the general public to the insufferable angst Edo families are now being daily made to put up with in the hands of Fulani marauding murderers. Whether by default or by a clandestine conspiracy, we are still investigating, but what we do know and are at great pains to say is that the many Edo people are inexorably being felled by Fulani bullets or butchered.”

“We are at our wits end as to what Edo has done against the Fulani race to attract such maniacal elite genocide: when it is not Professor Otasowie, it is Efosa Nehikhare or Dr Oaikhena Ehidiamen. The latest victim of the maniacs had gone on a humanitarian medical trip to Lagos and was already back to Edo soil, no doubt savouring a reunion with his family, when he encountered the rabid demons let loose by a blind or could it be complicit authorities?

¨We have stopped counting our men and women daily raped, ripped off of pregnancy from their wombs and gruesomely massacred as if to mock the great Edo Empire and tease it out to the fray.

“Although a South -South State, Edo has restrained itself from resorting to militancy for disputes resolutions, we have rather embraced modern methods in a democratic milieu, but it appears that we have hastily concluded and conceded the same civility to others at great cost.

¨We’re well aware of the seeming deliberate laxity of the ‘federal might’, it’s a tacit support, for unremitting bloodshed that broadened the genocidal enterprise of the unwashed dogs and the heightened ‘Fulanipreneurship’ will no longer be tolerated and the purported allocation of ‘cattle colony’ amounts to neo-colonisation of Edo Land, in our opinion it amounts to the resurgence of the era of hunter-gatherer. They should be reminded that Edo is the land of Igodos, unconquered people conquerors.”



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