January 16, 2018

Dream Secure: App to raise distress call over domestic violence unveiled

Dream Secure: App to raise distress call over domestic violence unveiled

APP that checkmates domestic violence

Respite may have come the way of potential victims of domestic violence, rape, fire outbreak, robbery and social vices.

A  Nigerian Technology  Solutions  company,  Dream  Mesh  Limited, has created a mobile application that helps users call for help when in danger, life threatening or emergency situation.

APP that checkmates domestic violence

The application called ‘Dream Secure’ is designed to give users the opportunity to reach out for help in the limited time.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Uchenna Okezie, revealed that the idea behind the innovation is to check the growing cases of violence across the country as well as give victims of human and nature’s occurrences the means to cry for help in that micro-second window.

According to him: “We were concerned about the unending cases of violence in our society and we decided to do something about it. If you ask victims of domestic violence, rape, robbery and so on about the major challenge their face at those perilous times, it is that they were unable to get help. Dream  Secure has  been  created  as  a  platform  to  reach  out for  help  as  quickly  as  possible.

“We are not oblivious of the time constraint the victim faces in moments like this, hence, the App has been modified to perform multiple functions with just a touch.

“When  such  user  is  in  an  emergency  situation,  all  he  needs  to  do is  open  the App and  tap  the ‘Emergency  button’.

“This will send an SMS with the caption “HELP! I am in danger,” included in this SMS is the exact address of where you are at the moment which is sent to the three pre-registered contacts as well as an email to their email addresses. Not  just  that,  it  will  immediately  put  your phone on  silent  mode  and  reduce screen  brightness  to  0%,  this  way  the risk  of your  mobile phone ringing  thereby  drawing  attention  to  you  is  eliminated.

Dream  Mesh  believes that  the Dream  Secure mobile application  will  also come in handy  to  users  who need  help  but  are not  in  life threatening  situations  such  as being  stranded  on  a  highway  while travelling.

The application is currently available on PlayStore and Apple Store for free.