January 17, 2018

CPIN flays agitations for split of OML 30 board

Oil rig

oil rig

By Ochuko Akuopha

OLEH— CONCERNED Patriots for Isoko Nation, CPIN, yesterday, kicked against agitations by Isoko clusters in the Oil Mining Lease, OML 30, for the split of the board of the oil block they share with the Urhobo oil bearing communities, describing it as negative and capable of breeding disagreements and hatred among the ethnic nationalities.

It said: “The need to maintain the status quo in the current arrangement and configuration of the OML 30, as it is currently constituted, is not only a necessity, but a perfect representation of the interests of all communities, clans, kingdoms and towns across the entire OML 30 landscape.”

The group, in a statement by its President, Maxcel Ekoko, said:  “The turn of Isoko to produce the next chairman of the board is around the corner. So, why jeopardize the chance afforded them for the actualization of this great opportunity through this untimely agitation when there are no crisis of oppression or subjection in the OML 30 board to warrant the split.”