The newly registered Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP) says it is committed to creating a new Nigeria driven by youths when elected into power in 2019.

The National Chairman of RP, Mr Nsebong Nsehe said this in an interview with the Newsmen on Thursday in Abuja.

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Nsehe said though the party was just registered and issued Certificate of Registration by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the party was sure of victory in 2019.

He expressed optimism that the party would record a surprise performance in future elections, especially in 2019 general elections because its strength was in the youth, who formed the party.

“Our victory depends on Nigerians because Nigerians have suffered for so long, but this time, we are determined that this is the time to arise and shine. That is why the youths have come together to create Nigeria of our dream,’’ he said.

He said that the focus of the party was how best the political and economic problems of the country could be addressed to deepen the country’s democracy and boost its economic development.

Nsehe said that problems confronting Nigerians motivated youths across the country to register the party.

“In 1983, late Chinua Achebe wrote a book “The Trouble with Nigeria’’, 35 year after, Nigeria is still struggling with these troubles and so other many problems and the youths are shouting and crying.

“We felt that we cannot remain like this and that we must rise and shine. This is what motivated us to come together to restore the country,’’ he explained.

Nsehe said that with the registration of the RP, Nigerian youths would work together through their voting power to restore the country and contribute to its development.

He listed some of the party’s manifesto to include restoration of Nigeria’s economy, the naira value and youth empowerment.

“Our focus is to restore the economy of this country, its national carriers, address the security challenge and restore the value of naira.

“As an economist, over the years, our naira has degenerates to a point where we are ashamed of its values. This is the time for Nigeria to arise and shine,’’ Nsehe said.

He called on Nigerians, especially youths yet to register for their Permanent Voter Cards to quickly go and register.

“The youth is an integral part of our population that can decide the future and destiny of this country.

“Once the young people begin to come out in the rural areas, villages and cities to get their PVCs, then our victory is settled because the youth is our driving force and energy,’’ he said.

Asked if there was a political godfather sponsoring the party, Nsehe said that the party was formed and would be financed by the youths.

“I stand boldly to say that we do not have any political godfather, either past or present serving leaders.

“We are just young Nigerians and what is driving us is the energy and force of millions of Nigerian youths,’’ Nsehe said.

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