January 25, 2018

We can hold our leaders accountable for bad governance — Kolade

Dr Christopher Kolade

By Prince Okafor

lagos—Nigeria’s  former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and the Chairman, Board of Directors of SystemSpecs, Dr. Christopher Kolade, has faulted the system of governance in the country, urging Nigerians to hold their leaders accountable.

Kolade spoke at a symposium convened by Venerable Henry Johnson Foundation for Theology and Social Transformation, titled: Followership: An antidote to a Defective Leadership, in Lagos.

Dr Christopher Kolade

Kolade, who is also a  technocrat said: “Every human possesses what it takes to address defective leadership. Failures of followership constitute in losing their identity in the country.”

He canvassed for a system to ensure follow-up after an election just like organizational management.

According to him,            “theology is key to achieving a sustainable transfer of leadership in the country.”

He faulted the criteria for running an election in the country, which includes education, age and political party platform without the demand for a track record.

Speaking, the convener of the foundation, Revd. Akinpelu Johnson said: “In the light of the socio-economic difficulties that we have as a country, along with preparation for the elections next year, this helps to remind us that as followers, we have a say in who should lead us.

”There should be a system whereby those who represent us in government are held accountable on the way they govern us. This is part of it, letting the electorate know that indeed they have an opportunity not only after every four years to come out to vote and make their vote count, but also ensure that what is expected of leaders in our society should be accomplished.”