By Chinedu Adonu
ENUGU – PROPHET Anthony Nwoko has lambasted Nigerians, especially Igbos wishing to have presidency come 2023, that they lack spiritual sight, because to him, they are having a pipe dream. He also said that Buhari lacked the spiritual power to lead Nigeria and should forget 2019.

President Muhammadu Buhari

Nwoko in what he called 2018 prophesies for Nigeria said also that those calling for restructuring as well as those agitating for a referendum for a sovereign state, are equally blind and did not seek for divine pronouncement on such issues.

“Those who are calling for Igbo presidency in 2023, Restructuring,Referendum are Spiritually Blind,” Nwoko posits in a statement made available to newsmen, pointing out that those that had prophesied about the outcome of the forthcoming 2019 election lacked vision and were not directed by God.

He described men of God like Rev. Fr. Mbaka, Pastor Adeboye and other men of God that prophesied about the 2019 election as fakes.

The prophet said that Nigeria as a nation has offended God and as a result are in bondage until, they like the Israelites return to their maker and make amends.

“Nigeria has disobeyed God. Disobedience is always catastrophic and calamitous. He dealt with pharaoh when he disobeyed him. But did not spare Israel when she disobeyed him in the wilderness. He threw Jonah into the belly of a fish for disobedience; God does not treat disobedience with kid’s gloves. Therefore, Nigeria case of disobedience to him should not be a peculiar case. Nigeria is a wicked Generation,” Nwoko said attributing Nigeria’s economic woes as well as social woes to disobeying God.

“I hereby ask pastor Adeboye to tell Nigerians where the Goliath is coming from. Who is the Goliath and who is the David. The conclusion is that these religious leaders don’t have the mark of the prophet. They are not God’s mouthpiece. All these prophecies from the religious leader have confirmed to me that truth cannot be found in their lips.

The spirit says the law of the truth must be in the mouth of Pastor, Prophet, Reverend Father and the Bishops. Iniquities cannot be found in their lips. Today they have destroyed the nation called Nigeria; they are Antichrist,” Prophet Nwoko lashes at the men of God over their prophesies on the forthcoming polls in 2019.

Nwoko said that Buhari is not the desired Messiah that can salvage Nigeria, saying instead that the Messiah Nigeria needs is already in the South East, precisely, Enugu and that unless he is allowed to handle the affairs in Nigeria, everything will continue to be in shambles.

Hear him: “The heavens have taken a decision that Buhari must go in 2019. He does posses the spiritual leadership which is the Holy Spirit to salvage the nation. He was rejected by the Holy Spirit in 2015 yet APC government managed to smuggle him as the president of Nigeria which the father did not approve in Heaven.

What Nigeria got in reward in Buhari’s Government is Oppressions, Killings, Injustice, Armed robbery, Kidnapping, Rapist in the land, Corruption all over the nations, Marginalization, Tribalism, Assassinations, Students Protest, Hatred, with hate speeches, Religious Crisis, Niger Delta, Bomb explosions, Avengers, Boko Haram, Floods, Herdsmen with AK 47 rifles, Agitation all of the land, Python dance by Nigeria Military in Abia State and Slavery that characterized in APC and PDP administration.

“The APC and PDP have failed the nation, they cannot eat their cake and have it back in 2019. Only Holy God can solve Nigeria Problem not Buhari.

He, Buhari is not the alternative to Nigeria that without him Nigeria cannot prosper. No Northern president from the APC or PDP can save Nigeria as at this moment. Nigeria is spiritually knock down, socially ruined, Intellectually worn out.

She has blindly cut herself from her creator. There is only one noon that covers the world and this moon can be discovered now from the South East, Precisely Enugu State.

“This is the Glory the world has been looking for. Jesus is one million times mightier than Buhari and he is ready to liberate his people from the problem they are passing through. If the Government of Nigeria refuses to welcome this light from the South East as the Anointed Divine King, Isaiah 61, with the authority in Jeremiah 9:1-10, to unite and make peace which is God’s agenda for the entire nation in 2018, then the father in Heaven will have his plan B executed which is, if my son whom, I the Lord have sent for his Glory is not accepted by the Nigeria Government, he the father will have no other option than to install his glory in Igbo Nation which is Biafra.

“Those who are calling for Igbo presidency in 2023, Restructuring, Referendum are Spiritually Blind. The Holy king is in their midst, and people like Rev. Mbaka don’t see the light in Enugu State which is his own state since the year 2010 and goes about praising Buhari in 2015, today he has denied Buhari again, what a man of God?

Nigeria Government cannot stop Boko Haram and Herdsmen because their hands are soiled with iniquities for waging war against the Holy Spirit that was enthroned spiritually and Physically to give salvation to mankind and was rejected because of tribalism in Igbo Land, Enough is Enough in Nigeria any person or Individual or group planning to install Buhari again as president of Nigeria will not see the light of the day,” Nwoko avers.


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