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Abia people suffering under PDP—Anyim

By Ugochukwu Alaribe

ABA—GOVERNORSHIP candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2015 poll in Abia State, Dr. Nyerere Anyim, has accused the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state of inflicting hardship on the people through bad governance since it came to power.

Nyerere Anyim

Anyim, who stated this in an interview with Vanguard in Aba, further alleged that the PDP had underdeveloped Abia through lack of vision and planning which has brought pains to the people, adding that May 2019 would mark the end of PDP’s rule in Abia.

He said: “A leopard must always have spots. What’s the foundation of the PDP government in power in the state? You don’t expect snake not to deliver what’s long. Look at their antecedents? What are they known for? Non performance. They have never been known for infrastructural development, or taking care of the welfare of the citizenry. And the present government continued from where their predecessors stopped. People of the state are suffering and crying for freedom. No good road, non payment of salaries, multiple taxation and lack of vision and planning.The only solution for Abia is this change we are talking about.

“PDP has a system. You can’t plant maize and expect to harvest beans. It’s left for Abians to be conscious of what they have plunged themselves into.Nobody should expect anything different from this government in Abia that’s an extension of the last administration. Albert Einstein said that it’s insanity for somebody to expect to get something different from a repeated process. If you keep on doing the same thing over and over, you’ll never get a different result.

“You must consider that by 2019, we’ll be talking about 20 years of PDP’s inglorious leadership and governance. And with what is happening at the centre where it is no longer business as usual, those things that made PDP in Abia to be where they are today; the machinery they used to ascend to power in the past is no longer business as usual. So you don’t expect them to win because Abia people have rejected the PDP. It’s a statement of fact that there had never been election in Abia State, they write results.

“But the good thing is that the platform with which they used to do it has been crippled. So, it’s as good as telling them to start arranging their luggage to start leaving the Abia Government House because their presence has done little or nothing to the people of Abia State.”

He explained that APC can’t wait to deliver Abia people from what he described as slavery by the PDP and commended some politicians who defected to the APC for their courage.

“The APC would have itself to blame if it fails to win Abia state in 2019. Abia State is ripe for APC’s victory in 2019. The signs are clear. In fact, Abia State has already fallen to the APC. Even the PDP has been campaigning for us and making our march to the governorship and legislative seats easier.

He dismissed reports that the APC is not on ground in Abia State and urged those who hold such claims to wait for 2019 and also consider the continued influx of grassroots politicians into the APC.

“They say APC is not on ground in Abia, but it is not true. For the fact that people said you’re not on ground means you’re somewhere. APC is on top. If they’re on ground, we cannot be on ground with them. We are on top and people are looking up to us. They that have been on ground for close to 20 years have not benefited the people of Abia State, so people are supporting the APC to take over power.

“Anybody that wants to achieve something proactive must not continue looking down. He must have to look up. To encapsulate what I’m saying, Psalm 129 says, I’ll lift up my eyes onto the hills. Abians are looking up to what will benefit them. Anybody that tells you that APC is not on ground should know we are on top and that’s why PDP should be packing up the bags out from the government house. Every notable politician in Abia belongs to the APC. People have rejected PDP”




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