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Would you turn in your lover to the police for a reward of N50 million?

So the police declared your lover wanted and placed a reward of N50 million on the wanted notice, would you turn him/her in to get the reward? Here are the responses of some celebrities.

I won’t lose that money for anything – Ella Mensah, Actress

Yes I will. I wouldn’t lose that money for anything, not even for love. Money comes before love. Love doesn’t pay the bills.

No amount of money can make me betray him — Yetunde Bakare

I’ll never turn in my lover over any amount of money/reward. He’s my man and I must stand by him in any situation he finds himself, as long as he’s not into any dirty dealings. I’ll ask him and beg him to confide in me about what is going on, then find a way out together. Turning him in to the police is like not trusting him enough to know what he can do and what he can’t do.

What if it’s a set up? We’ve got a lot of dirty corps and some of them can’t be trusted. When you sincerely love a man, no amount of money will make you betray him.

I will gladly turn him in if … — Nazareth Bako, Actress

Yes I will, if I confirm a crime has been committed. I have to be sure he is guilty, instead of helping to frame him up. I’m not in support of evil and if my lover turns out to be evil, it means some day he’s also going to harm a member of my family or someone close to me. Besides, this is Nigeria where money comes before love, these days love is determined by your pocket whether you’re a man or woman. I will gladly turn him in, because he would also do same, if he found out I committed a crime.

It depends — Keira Hewatch, Actress

My lover may be innocent and as soon as I have proof that he is and is being framed in any way, then no money in the world can make me give him up. But if he is guilty and I have confirmed it for myself, as much as it would crush me, his ass is toast. N50 million isn’t even enough consolation.

Yes, if it’s a murder case — Grace Johnson

Chai! That’s tempting o… But it’s not just about the money, I need to know why he’s wanted. I also need to know if it’s a murder case. If it is, then yes I’ll turn him in. It’s not about the money, but justice.

It’s a capital NO! — Deborah, Beauty Queen

I don’t think I would, because I would have to live with it on my conscience forever, especially if he’s later given a capital punishment. Besides it’s just money, compared to what we share. Let’s say we’ve been together for five years, it means some of his family members and friends are now my friends as well. I care about the kind of impression people have about me, especially my friends. So, it’s a capital NO! I won’t, not even for N100million.

I won’t if I really love him — Ruth Eze,Actress

If I love him very very much, I will not do that. Though I really need that N50million sha (Laughs)

If he’s truly guilty, I will — Enitan Odugbemi

There must be a reason why he’s wanted by the police. If he’s truly guilty, I will hand him over to the police. But if he’s not, I won’t do such a thing. No matter the amount of money I won’t do it if he’s innocent.


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