December 2, 2017

Rebuilding Motherland more important than releasing album — Lagbaja

Rebuilding Motherland more important than releasing album  — Lagbaja


By Rotimi Agbana

Since his return to Nigeria after a prolonged hiatus, afro-beat maestro, Bisade Ologunde, better known by his stage name, ‘Lagbaja’, has been all about rebuilding Motherlan, an outdoor fun spot in the heart of Ikeja, which was once a hub of night live experiences with live musical performances.


Speaking to Showtime in an exclusive chat, the man behind the mask revealed that as a musician par excellence with a passion for making good music, the only way he can connect with people is by performing on stage, which is why he is dedicated to rebuilding motherlan.

“When I came back about a year ago, I decided to reconstruct motherland and that is my focus right now. But there has been a huge delay on the project and that is why there tends to be some quiet; it’s just a matter of time. As far I’m concerned my vision is to bring Motherlan back because as a musician the way I reach people is by performing. If you see any Instagram or Twitter account with my name, it’s not me, it’s fake, the only social media account I have is one Facebook page which I rarely post on. But I appreciate the impact and importance of social media. But I got into music because I love it; I’m not into music because I must be seen or I must be heard, no. So my only way of reaching people is by performing on stage.

According to Lagbaja, releasing an album for the listening pleasure of his fans is not his major focus at the moment, but rather, bringing Motherlan back to its feet again.

“My album will come after I’ve gotten Motherlan back on its feet again”, he noted.