An open letter to Nigerian Youths

In recent years, the political trends and positions of majority of Nigerian Youths especially those on social media portends a big danger in the future of Nigeria as a united country.

Tribalism and sectionalism have been a menace to the flavor of issue-based politics in our country and have succeeded in enthroning the ideology of biased hype in search of political leaders.

We are no longer thinking of a person’s ability or what the person can offer for the development of our dear country, but indulge in praise worship of mediocrity at the expense of meritocracy.

Tribalism is fast becoming a paradigm used to determine who is who and who gets what in all our national sectors, a mistake made by a tribesman becomes a norm but transmogrified into a heinous crime if committed by somebody from another tribe.

If a Nigerian from a tribe commits a crime in a foreign land, he/she will be addressed as an Igbo, Hausa or a Yoruba but when he/she performs better in science, technology or attains academic excellence, he/she will be addressed as a Nigerian.

Our youths hardly maintain a neutral and honest transparent of mind in search of truth. Judicious analytical honesty becomes logical improbity and has resulted in making some Nigerians vote for an incapable tribesman/woman over a capable hand.

These perilous phenomena which have escalated into ethnic chauvinism, mutual rancour and violent tirade among our youths have also rented a comfortable room in our hearts.

Dear Nigerian Youths, the more we allow these unfortunate developments that are giving our political criminals the legal backings to plunder our national resources without fear and sympathy for our future to thrive, the more it lives in us and the more we endanger our future and the future of our unborn children.

These inessential developments can only be changed by us. So, let us embrace unity, let us think Nigeria, let us think of our future and believe in a peaceful Nigeria, let us come out to say no to tribalism and sectionalism and say yes to a peaceful, united and progressive Nigeria. I strongly believe that together, Nigerian Youths will make Nigeria Great.

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nnaemeka “Nnaya” Nwodo is a Political Scientist and Social Commentator


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