December 16, 2017

Ohaneze Ndigbo SA says use of social cohesion will unite Africans

Ohaneze Ndigbo SA says use of social cohesion will unite Africans


Chief Jonas Udeji, founder of Ohaneze Ndigbo, a socio-cultural organisation, in South Africa says social cohesion can be used to unite Africans.


He told newsmen in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday that African traditional institutions should use such avenues to bring their people together.

Udeji, who was installed as the traditional prime minister of Africa by King Bhungane 111 Of Embo Kingdom in South Africa, said that one way of uniting Africans was through multicultural interactions.

“The Royal African Parliament has big plans and ideas to unite our people through social cohesion. The traditional institutions should use multicultural interactions to bring our people together,” he said.

He said that social cohesion would make African traditional leaders assist political leaders in dealing with some of the enormous challenges facing the continent.

“African royalties are properly placed to assist the political leaders in dealing with the enormous socio-political and economic challenges facing our continent.

“Africa can never be united without Africans. We can achieve the restoration of the dignity, love and buoyant economic growth and development through the utilisation of the enormous natural deposits in our continent,” he said.

Udeji said that the title bestowed on him by the South African king had created a stronger relationship between the Embo kingdom and Nigeria.