By Elizabeth Uwandu

The need to create more wealth, and boost Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs among Nigerian were the focus of discussion at the one year anniversary of My Liberty Family,  MLF,  a financial providing platform in Lagos recently.

The event also saw the unveiling of MLF social, financial media platform, to expand its operations.

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Mr. Francis Adesokan, MLF,  Chief Executive Officer,  said that the scheme’s main benefits included providing financial, education and networking supports for it members to end poverty and social vices in the country.

His words,”MLF believes that poverty is not an African thing. We also believes that Small and Medium Scale businesses (SMEs) are the country’s growth engine, yet hardly does any financial institution help them. It would be noted that SMEs are essential providers of jobs and economic growth”..

“And based on World Bank reports that 95 percent of jobs in low income countries are created by SMEs and that they account for about one third of the country’s gross domestic product, GDP. It is therefore very important to support SMEs as an essential part of private sector and are a priority in any country’s economic reform”, said MLF founder.

Describing how the platform provided financial and other supports for people , Mr Adesokan said this, “MLF is a platform designed to change the way Nigerians are perceived. Nigerians are known for many bad things but some of us have proven that our country is a nation of talents and creativity. We believe that with the right education and opportunity, everyone can live as they wish and contribute to the economic growth positively”, he added.

Continuing, Adesokan also added that “Unlike other multi-level marketing schemes which empowers few early registered members and keep others as slaves, MLF was created to help Libertarians receive financial support from other family members (Libertarians) and it never keep anyone at the top of the pyramid for long, neither does it enslave any”,  said MLF CEO.

Mr.Adesokan who unveiled the social media platform in the presence of young entrepreneurs, and business owners  said the social platform was borne out of a strong desire to provide solution that met a wide range of needs for registered members and would-be members.

“This platform, SeamWith, is to help users feel at home and enjoy several benefits in addition to finance. Of what use is to have 500 friends on facebook who are of no business or financial value? But on SeamWith you can have 200 friends with whom you can discuss business and financial ideas…Joining SeamWith is free and allows the user to seam with other users. One can create ‘Seamer’s hall,   akin to the web page, SeamCircle, which is the general timeline page and SeamBox which is the video-sharing platform. The SeamCenter, offers a one-stop digital library for authors, publishers, developers. It also serve as a platform for advertisers where they can get maximum exposure and earn. The SeamPRO is the market place for professionals and clients to meet and transact, while the SeamChat as the name implies offers instant messaging”,  noted Adesokan.



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