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It’s the Season of Giving

By Janet Adetu

Christmas is a round the corner wishing you the best of the festive season! Once again the time for gifts to be flying around from hugely wrapped goodies to hampers own mini towels you name it. Are you fond of receiving gifts alone or do also practice the art of giving too? We know that this is indeed the season for love and giving as well as the expression of gratitude. It should be noted that giving gifts during the festive period is not a matter of how much you spend but the thought behind it and the fact that you remembered someone at a time like this. It is not everyone that is is inclined towards buying a gift for someone. At times it could be because they are could not bothered, feel lazy about it, have no clue how to buy a gift or would rather just give money or nothing at all.

Is money truly a gift?

Gift giving may also alternatively be seen as a way of wanting to be noticed, accepted, and recognized or even in some cases showing off. The art of gift giving should be done from the heart bearing in mind the personality, character and status of the recipient. In buying a gift emphasis should not be placed on how expensive the gift is especially for a friend, as this may be deemed the act of wanting to belong hence buying friendship. No matter your reason the presentation of your gift is key to successful gift giving etiquette. Many company’s during Christmas are very vigilante as to what to accept as a gift due to corporate governance and the corporate policy that clearly states what is acceptable and what is not.  Unfortunately in the past people have been known to give certain executives with prominent positions exorbitant gifts with an ulterior motive in mind. This biases the mind of decision makers and is seen to be detrimental to the operations of organizations risking the possibility of tarnishing corporate image.

Easy Tips for Christmas Gift Giving

The Person:

Consider the person you are buying the gift for first in making a choice of what gift to buy. Imagine what they would like based on their character, image and class. It is a good idea to discover what their hobby may be and buy something that falls in line with that hobby, that way it stands a better opportunity of being appreciated.

Personal Attributes

Try to recognize distinctive personality traits if you know the person well, like favourite colour, tastes or style. If the person is an executive you would look into what would be useful in the office on the desk or for personal use like a pen.

The Organization

Remember to ask for the corporate policy to avoid your gift being rejected. Avoid cheap gifts go for that which will stand the test of time and minimalize corporate promotional items. Office items would work with the exceutives and professionals.

Quality First

Purchase goods that you perceive will have a lasting value that are useful and will linger in the mind of the recipient.  So many gifts are given without looking at its usefulness regardless of price. Let a small gift have greater value and durability than a large gift that will fall apart be uppermost in your mind.

Finished Look

Make your gift stand out in terms of the finished look. Pay attention to the presentation of the gift by way of the wrapping, ribbons and packaging. It is easier to ask the professionals to help you wrap your gift at the place of purchase. Depending on who the gift is for and the occasion this will determine the extravagance of the finished look.


Ensure that you are fully aware of any religious connotations to the gift you buy to avoid offending the receiver. Alcohol should be avoided at all cost if uncertain also gifts that are too humorous.


Personalize your gift with a hand written note or attached mini card just to give that extra touch. If for Christmas attach a card with senders details.


The cost of the gift is not what you should focus on as much as you decide the worth of the person the gift is for. Your gift should not send the wrong message to the recipient, buy with comfort first and not as a substitute to impress.


Present your gift with a smile at the most appropriate time. If distance is a barrier you may also use a despatch rider or courier service to help you deliver your gift

As you set out to buy a gift for anyone it is important to remember to watch out for cultural, religious, dietary and health values Not everyone is inclined to drinking alcohol, while some may have allergies to nuts so watch that gift hamper.

The Act of Giving is a worthy cause.

Open the way for receiving by giving someone a Christmas Gift this season.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas!




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