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Femi Aribisala:  Confusion or mischief? 

We read the comments of Mr. Femi Aribisala, analysing the actions and pronouncements on the issue of tithing and most especially on the Kaduna state Governor Alhaji Nasir El-Rufai as contained in his column in the Vanguard Newspaper of Sunday 10th December and we must say that we were  quite disappointed that a respected columnist with the pedigree of Mr. Aribisala, would offer such pedestrian and simplistic analogy on a matter which ordinarily shouldn’t engage his intellectual attention.

First, it is important to inform Mr. Aribisala that Apostle Johnson Suleman is neither anonymous, nor had he granted permission to any ‘anonymous pastor’ to either directly or indirectly act, quote or invoke his doctrines as the creed for their own religious operations.

Without trying not to undermine Aribisala’s noted vibrancy as a respected social commentator, it is however unfortunate that he would use the word ‘anonymous’ to define, qualify and/or reference any matter in which Apostle Suleman is the immediate subject.

Why would he arrogate and imbue the literal comments of Apostle Suleman with metaphoric interpretations that  tend to derogate and cast aspersions on the highly elevated and spiritual life of the most revered Apostle Suleman?

Only ignorance and or outright mischief unbecoming of a man of his stature could have informed such a vitriol. In any case, we now understand better what Jesus himself meant in the book of John 8:15 “You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one”.

As much as we would not want to join issues on tithing with attention seekers, we wish to state that the principle of tithing preceded the establishment of God’s covenant with ancient Israel and it did not cease with the establishment of the second or new covenant! The truth is, God himself established tithing in the book of Gen. 14:20.

It is obvious that Mr. Femi Aribisala completely missed the point both in his interpretation of the admonition of Apostle Suleman to Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state and indeed in the way and or manner God has chosen to bless the ministry and congregation of the Lord’s apostle.

As much as we sympathize with him as an iconoclastic pastor who reads the Bible more as a text book without any form of spirituality, we wish to state without mincing words that, Apostle Johnson Suleman never prophesied that El-Rufai will die in two weeks but issued a clear warning that if the Kaduna Governor goes ahead to sign the anti-preaching bill into law,he will die and as a church, we stand by that clear and unambiguous admonition.

So, to suggest that Apostle Suleman may have wished spiritual harm in any form to the Governor  Nasir El-Rufai and then proceed to garnish his comments and bias by implying that the flourishing Ministry of Apostle Suleman may have been accomplished by other means other than the divine Grace and blessings of the Almighty God, that called and has continued to guide Apostle Suleman to be His Servant and Spread the word of the Holy gospel.

Lest we forget, since it appears that our iconoclastic pastor can not differentiate between prophecies and admonition, how then will he appreciate the gift of prophecy?

When in 2013, Apostle Suleman prophesied that the former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, would become the Emir of Kano even when  he was still the CBN governor, bloggers and columnists abused him.

Some said they had to verify his certificate, some said they had to check if he was well schooled. They said how on earth could a CBN governor become the Emir of Kano when the Ado Bayero had sons to succeed him? But then, it came to pass in 2014.

You mean our friend , Aribisala didn’t see this prophecy by the same man of God on America and Israel as released in December 2016?

Ok, here is it: “America’s incoming president, Donald Trump will face impeachment threats as members of Congress will divide over his style of leadership. Donald Trump will favour Israel, as I see American Embassy being moved to Jerusalem.”

He can not appreciate these prophecies because a bitter heart isn’t capable of charity!  

It will therefore be pertinent to advise Mr. Femi Aribisala to look for weightier and more critical matters of national concern and relevance to engage his roving analytical pursuits instead of dwelling on such issues that reduce the high esteem and respected intellectual mettle, with which some have regarded and appreciated his contributions to national discourse.

Phrank Shaibu

Communication Advisor to Apostle Johnson Suleman


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