December 17, 2017

Culture Art Academy marks annual art fair with exhibition

Culture Art Academy marks annual art fair with exhibition

An exhibition of visual arts that comprises painting, illustration, drawings and crafts tagged: “Hope for art” was held weekend by the Culture Art Academy, FESTAC Town, Lagos, to mark their annual art fair. The institute situated at 712 Road, is built on the philosophical base of creative art and talent development for both young and old people who wish to build a career in art.

The exhibition attracted art lovers, parents and friends of the artists who were awed by the strength of the works created by the students – many of them very young, but strong in creativity. A number of works done in different mediums by the students were on display. They included pencil and charcoal illustration, portrait, landscape and floral paintings rendered on paper, oil on canvas and mixed media. Although pencil illustrations done in series of art forms dominated as the institute is basically a rudimentary school for beginners and for those who want to hone a career in visual art.

The proprietor of the institute, Mr. Austin Ekhiaiyeme, while speaking at the opening ceremony said, “The academy which started about 10 years ago is all about teaching and educating both the old and young people to develop their skills in visual art – drawing and painting. We also do art excursion. It is all about empowering people with such gifts to value their talent. We also run a vocational training such as set building and interior design.”

Continuing, Ekhiaiyeme said, “Our aim is to discover these young talents while they are still raw and give them some sense of purpose in life because a lot of them are not going to study art in high institutions.”