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Will Mugabe leave Gucci Grace to face the music

Robert Mugabe has resigned as president of Zimbabwe after 37 years and could leave the country tonight

Deposed dictator Robert Mugabe could leave Zimbabwe as early as tonight after finally resigning the presidency after 37 years, but the military is demanding his hated wife be left behind to face prosecution.

One of his Mugabe’s protection team told newsmen’From my understanding, he might leave the country tonight. The generals promised him he could leave safely.

‘The generals were insisting that Grace must be prosecuted. It was a burning issue up until today. I don’t know what the outcome was, but they were insisting that they might forgive the old man but not Grace.’


Grace could be arrested tonight, a family friend said, as wild scenes of celebration erupted around the country following news of the 93-year-old’s departure.

‘Gucci’ Grace, as she is known thanks to her lavish spending sprees, prompted the dictator’s downfall when she attempted to oust vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa from power to clear the way for her own succession.

Mr Mnangagwa, who fled to South Africa after being fired for ‘disloyalty’ earlier this month, is now expected to return to Zimbabwe tomorrow and assume power within 48 hours.

Mugabe and Grace are currently holed up at their Blue Roof mansion, according to a source who spoke to Mail Online, with Mugabe ‘so depressed he can’t even lift his feet.

One of the former dictator’s security team said: ‘He is depressed to the extent he is failing to walk. He is dragging his feet.

‘Grace has been refusing to go outside into the open air all day as well,’ he said. ‘They both know the end has come and they are deeply depressed. Their greatest worry is what is going to happen to them and their family.’

He added: ‘The issue of Grace was a burning one. The generals were going to press ahead with prosecuting her for crimes including money laundering, capturing of state assets and interfering with government business.’

It was Grace’s decision to try and oust Mnangagwa from power and clear a path for her own succession to the presidency that sparked the military uprising which ultimately toppled her husband.

It is thought Mugabe has spent considerable time thrashing out immunity for him and his family during negotiations with the military. It is not known whether he will be allowed to retire to one of his many plush homes or forced out of the country.

Even if Grace is granted immunity in Zimbabwe, she is still wanted in South Africa for allegedly assaulting a model earlier this year. At the time she claimed diplomatic immunity, but is it not clear if this will still apply now her husband has been ousted.

Mystery also remains over the fate of couple’s two sons, Chatunga and Robert Jr, who live in South Africa. Chatunga has been updating social media regularly since the military began ousting his father from power, with the latest update coming on Monday in the form of a picture of himself checking his phone.



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