November 23, 2017

Tecno Mobile wins popular phone brand of the year , smartphone of the year award

Tecno Mobile wins  popular phone brand of the year , smartphone of the year award


Tecno Mobile, Africa’s leading smartphone brand has once again emerged being recognized for her stellar innovations and user-friendly products.


The awards, Popular Phone Brand of The Year and Smartphone of The Year (CAMON CX) received at the Nigeria Tech Innovation and Telecoms Award are expected to the list of awards and recognitions received by the brand this year. Speaking at the event, General Manager of Transsion, parent company of TECNO Mobile, Mr. Chidi Okonkwo stated “We commit our best resources to whatever we do and thus are always pleased when we get recognitions like these because they prove to us that indeed consumers see, use and appreciate our works.”

Speaking of the brand’s dominance and successes, Mr. Chidi Okonkwo added “Tecno Mobile is on a winning streak, not just in Nigeria but globally. Last year when we stepped into the international scene for the first time, several people questioned our tactics and critiqued our model but one year after, it has become even more evident that our ability to develop globally competitive products with deep local consumer insights is an essential ingredient in our dominance globally.

“Our successes in the Middle-East has not only bettered our books however, it has also made it possible for us to scale into new markets in Asia like India where we currently service smartphone consumers.”

Okonkwo won the award as a result of his outstanding contribution and impact to the mobile technology space in Nigeria.