By Tare Youdeowei

Geared towards intensifying efforts to promote environmental sustainability, the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Mitigation,  SETPOM, has held its 2017 International Conference and Fellows Award Conferment themed; Environmental Sustainability and Public Health Challenges in a Recovering Economy, at the University of Lagos.

Speaking on the aim of the conference, Dr. Fumilayo Doherty, President of SETPOM said: “The theme was carefully chosen because sustainability is a must-do, hence the 2015 MDG has a major bearing on theme of this conference. With a population of over seven billion people and limited natural resources, we as individuals and a society, need to learn to live together sustainably. We need to take action responsibly owing from the understanding that what we do today will affect the lives of people in the future.

“The conference provides a platform to enhance collaboration and engagement among practitioners to find a solution to a common problem, environmental degradation. It also serves to make children aware of hazards in the environment so they can protect against and preferably find solutions or remedies to the hazards.

In this light, SETPOM commenced the publication of the Journal for Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Mitigation, JETPOM. I am happy to announce the inaugural edition of the journal was published in June 2017 and is available online.” Doherty declared.

Reiterating the need for sustainable practices, Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos, Prof. Rahamon Bello, represented by Prof. Adebayo Otitoloju, the founder of SETPOM, said; “We have to ensure that whatever we do, we are considering the future generation because that is what sustainability is all about. They will depend on the same environment, so we should not finish all the resources without considering them. So it good we practice sustainability so everything will go on fine for everyone.

“In Nigeria, I would say awareness is high, but in terms of actual implementation and practice, we can do better in all areas, be it in energy sustainability. Companies are taking a cue but the public needs to know that they have a role to play in terms of making our environment better, planting trees, proper waste disposal are few of the practices that will sustain our environment.”

The conference saw eight professors conferred Fellows of SETPOM for their outstanding contribution in the field of environmental protection and management, just as the fourth season of SETPOM Green Essay and Impact Photography competition was concluded.



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