November 26, 2017

Nobody paid any price for us on the cross; we still pay tithes – Eziokwu Chineke Gadi

Nobody paid any price for us on the cross; we still pay tithes – Eziokwu Chineke Gadi

Eziokwu Chineke Gadi

By Nwafor Sunday

The online vocal Igbo traditional preacher, Eziokwu Chineke Gadi, has on Friday, disagreed with some belief and suppositions linked to Christianity on ‘sacrifice’, noting that nobody paid a price or sacrificed himself on the cross of Calvary for our redemption, since we still pay tithes in churches and do good for our individual redemption.

Eziokwu Chineke Gadi

He made the call on Friday via his facebook @ Eziokwu Chineke Gadi, a page he uses to teach Igbo traditional religion.

According to him, “where is the evidence of sacrifice on the cross? Nobody paid any price for us on any cross of Calvary.

“We are still paying the price of every damn thing we are using in our life.

“How can religious people claim that someone paid our price on the cross while our people are still paying for light bill, house/shops rent, school fees, transportation fees etc.

“The worst of it is that here in our country, we still buy natural water.

“The main worst of it is that even the Churches still collect payment of tithes, offerings, project support for church to be building schools from the same people they claim that all their prices have been settled on the cross.

“If your church owns a school where you pay tithes and offerings yet you cannot afford to take your children or yourself to their school, then you are that highest fool of 21th century.

‘Since the church still pay tithes, offerings and make some sacrifice in the Churches then with every reasonable doubt no sacrifice has been made so far, so good.

“Therefore no religions can denied me of giving my Ancestors there lawful right again’, he finally said.