In its avowed effort to stop In its avowed effort to stop  violence against children, Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society, (NASFAT) a leading Islamic Organization, in collaboration with UNICEF and USAID recently kick started sensitization programme to end the menace of child abuse in Nigeria.

The programme was held simultaneously in Lagos (Ikeja and Kosofe) and Cross River states, (Calabar Municipality, Akampka and Calabar South).The one week long awareness programme was designed to enlighten parents, guardian and spiritual and religious as well as community leaders in the state on how to identify and also stop abuse and violence against children.In Ikeja, Lagos,

NASFAT Chief Missioner, Sheikh Abdulazeez Onike said that the call to ending violence against children was in tandem with Islam adding that Muslims must therefore abide by it.  He cited examples of the show of love and tenderness to children by the Prophet.Also, the Children Affairs Secretary, Alhaja Ganiyat Babalola said NASFAT would continue to enlighten Muslims especially from its immediate environment on the need to show love and kindness to Children with a view to ending violence against them. In Calabar, NASFAT Vice president II,

Alhaji Abdul –Rauf Adedeji said a lot of people have confused Islam with cultures of different people adding that Islam as religion strongly prohibits any form of child abuse including underage marriage.His words : “Knowledge is  a  pivotal and powerful tool  in the fight to end violence against children because a lot of people have confused the culture of men with Islam by thinking that Islam allow for a child  to be married out at a tender (underage) age”“That practice is highly prohibited in Islam and unacceptable it is just the culture of men, Islam does not tolerate any form of abuse against children including underage marriage which is an infringement on the rights of the girl child, people marrying minors and claiming they are true Muslims are not practicing Islam, they are doing this either out of ignorance or to suit themselves.“

Islam does not allow any form of maltreatment against children including house helps, there is difference between correction and punishment, training a child does not involve using the whip always and shouting or the use of abusive and derogatory words by so doing you push them away and there will be breakdown of communication which can lead into seeking the information they need in the wrong places including social media”“Parents must set good examples for their children been a father is an opportunity just like been a mother is a privilege, children are to be cherished and not abused whether physically, emotionally and sexually, you must educate your child first whether through Islamic, western or vocational education because a child that is not educated cannot become empowered for the future and you are invariably killing your children if you don’t give them quality education.

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