November 26, 2017

Foundation is crucial to good education — Dumuje, Flower Mound proprietress

Foundation is crucial to good education  — Dumuje, Flower Mound proprietress

Irene Dumuje

The proprietress of Flower Mound Children‘s School, Lagos, Irene Dumuje, has identified solid  foundational education as key to the development the child.

Irene Dumuje

Speaking at a forum in Lagos, the educationist, while admitting that  the standard of education overseas is higher than what obtains in Nigeria,  was quick to say that with  proactive curriculum, growth will be witnessed in Nigeria in the near feature. A beneficiary of one of the top nursery schools in Nigeria, Dumuje said, “Knowing the standard of education and quality of schools overseas, I needed to set up an early years school to give our children  adequate   head start.

“At Flower Mound, we focus on the potentials of each child by building a long lasting foundation”. She noted that a child’s early years, from birth to age six, is the time when tremendous amount of learning is achieved.

“Fully registered with relevant educational bodies, Flower Mound children’s school has come to stay as one of the set-the-bar schools in Nigeria,” Dumuje said.

The proprietress added that classes in the school are fully equipped with  materials that cover all aspects of practical life, language and culture in order to meet with modern educational needs that help to build  the minds of toddlers.

“In the next five years, it is our goal to see Flower Mound Children’s School blossom for setting the foundations that help children become independent, creative, disciplined, happy, confident and productive individuals”, she stressed.