The FADAMA III Second Additional Financing (AFII) programme is training 27 officers on the use of flexible accounting 200+ software for effective recordkeeping and information management in the project.

Mr Robert Udeh, the Training Manager, told newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday that the training would aid efforts to compute all transactions of the project effectively.

Udeh, who is also the System Analyst of Tokuns International Limited, said: “We are software developers; the training is on financial management system, using the flexible account software.

“The FADAMA III project workers would be trained for effective delivery of the project

“We are here to train them on the use of the software because they have to produce regular reports on the funds they received from World Bank.

“They also have to give an account of how the money they received has been spent, in line with the goals of the project.

“We are basically interested in the accounting part of the FADAMA programme.

“We are to train the officers on how to use the software to produce reliable reports on transactions and on how to generate reports for submission to the World Bank,’’ he said.

One of the trainees, Mrs Regina Festus, State Project Coordinator of FADAMA in Taraba, said that the training would facilitate the work of accountants in keeping record of expenses incurred in the project, while reducing the stress involved in paper work.

“The training will help us to reduce the process of sending files from the state offices to the headquarters and its attendant risk of documents missing in transit.

“Things will be easier now, as we will start using the software to prepare our reports; the headquarters can verify if those things we are doing are right or not and they can also make corrections when necessary.

“The training is very good and timely for us. It will help us to be time-conscious and we will not lag behind in the submission of reports.

“It will also help to increase our disbursements; it will help us to do everything accurately, particularly with regard to checking and balancing our records,’’ she said.

Festus said that she would transfer the knowledge she gained in the training to her colleagues in the state in order to promote accuracy in all the workers’ assignments.

Mrs Gyatam Bassi, Accountant, Adamawa State Project Office, said that the training was to facilitate the installation of account software in their accounting systems, in the designed efforts to improve their service delivery.

“ The training has been good and educative; the facilitator and resource persons are doing well to keep us onboard.

“The training is going to help us to migrate from manual to electronic accounting processes; it is going to make things faster, we will be able to generate accurate and reliable reports that will be useful in the project,’’ she said.

Besides, Mr Amams Audu, Accountant, Taraba State Project Office, said that the training would aid the success of the FADAMA project.

“The software facilitates accurate keeping of accounting records and data generation as and when due; it is so good for the project.

“The resource persons are so wonderful; they trained us on the rudiments of the software, beginning from the aspect of logging into the software, downloading data into the software and generating reports from the software.

“It is going help us to generate timely reports as and when due and by the time we finish the training, issues relating to non-regular and incorrect reports will no longer be tenable.

“Once you key into the software, you get everything you require — all kinds of report that you need — and you get them on a timely basis,’’ he added.

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