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November 4, 2017

Ernest made me steal Mohammed’s money —Musa

Ernest made me steal Mohammed’s money —Musa

Police allegedly brutalising motocyclists in Anambra

Another suspect, 29-year-old Musa Maidababara, a native of Gombe State, was a   graduate of Quantity Survey, Nigeria Army   Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies, Benue State. He was enlisted into the Nigeria Army in    2010 , and was   serving at   the Nigeria Army 3rd  Division , Jos, Plateau State.   In his own confession, he said,    “the journey to my arrest and subsequent dismissal   began on   October 1, 2016, when Ernest, my friend from secondary school days invited me to his place in Benin, Edo State to come and celebrate the independence day with him.   I called one of my friends, Edwin,   who also attended the same Nigeria Army   Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies with me but was serving in Maiduguri, to join me . When we met Ernest, he told us that one of his friends gave him a huge amount of money and wanted Ernest to escort him and his friend out of the bush.

Edwin and I were in our uniforms, so we asked Ernest to take us to the man. When we got there, Mohammed and his friend were looking  very unkempt and  both of them were carrying bags containing money.  I told Mohammed’s friend that he would not go with us since we didn’t come for him but he begged us to carry his bag of money to the town for him.  We then took Mohammed and the two bags of money out of the bush. While on our way, I asked Mohammed why he was looking so dirty and he said we shouldn’t worry that he would explain everything to us and he begged that we should take him to a shop where he could get some new clothes.   When we discovered that Mohammed was busy buying the clothes,   Ernest called us and suggested that we should disappear with the money. We then  entered the car and zoomed off.   We drove down to Delta State and we brought out the two bags and shared all the money in it.   I took my own share to my brother’s house in Onitsha and I kept it there. Ernest and I   planned to travel to Gombe State where our parents lived but   while we were making   plans, one of Ernest’s girlfriends called and said that she wanted to see him. When  he went to see her, he was arrested and he brought the police to me.

I thought the money was manna from heaven —Edwin

The third suspect, Edwin Gorge, 29,   who joined the Nigeria Army in 2010 and was assigned to the   332 Artillery Regiment, Shangam ,Plateau State was a student at the Nigeria Army   Institute of Technology and   Environmental Studies, Makurdi, Benue State, before he was arrested and dismissed from the force. He said he was convinced Mohammed stole the money he had with him and he saw it as    manna from heaven;   “ I was in   Oko Polytechnic  for my Industrial Training when Musa called me to join him to go to Benin.   When we saw his friend and eventually saw Musa, we knew he stole that money.   I heard about the kidnap of the wife of the CBN Governor but I didn’t know Mohammed had a hand in it.   So, when we took him to the boutique to get some new clothes and Ernest suggested that we should run away with his money, I saw it as manna from heaven.   I got   N6.2million as my share and   I went back to my home town in Benue State where I bought a car for N1.5million and I had the balance with me when we were arrested” he stated .