November 26, 2017

African Food Network to grow African cuisines and chefs globally



Mealtimes are moments of great gatherings for families. In most African countries, such as Mali, Somalia, through Guinea, Nigeria and Eritrea, people use their fingers instead of a spoon, fork and knife to eat which make the meals more special and taste so unique.



Irrespective of the fact that African dishes are striving to achieve the visibility and popularity among consumers in the outside world, we all can attest to the fact that Africa has been connected with other civilizations for centuries.

We can mention the inclusion of North Africa in the Roman Empire, the expansion of Muslim civilizations into Sub-Saharan Africa, the close trade and cultural connections between East Africa and South Asia through the Indian Ocean commercial routes, the Atlantic slave trade and, more recently, the expansion of European Colonial empires.

With over 5000 unique cuisines prepared in this rich black continent, the world is yet to see enough of all this amazing recipes and cooking methodology that traces us back to the origin and connecting our body with mother nature, African food network provides an opulent hub for different foods recipes within the numerous tribes and nations in Africa, recipes are sourced from different authors around the globe and provides a section where one can submit a recipe which would be shared on the platform as well.

Aside the fact that Africa has a large database of food recipes, African Food Network stresses on the need for African chefs and traditional cooks to be celebrated, taking a look at their social media headers you’ll see one of their brand mission I guess “We celebrate African top chefs and cooks everyday” you’ll have that believe that they are in to decorate African chefs the right way, Africa is a wealthy nation in terms of human and natural resources with vast traditions, beliefs and ethics and it’s really pleasing to have a platform that promote their cuisines positively to the western world.

Here’s a quote from its founder Kevin Eze, an entrepreneur on the rise and food lover…

“Africa is a great continent, but unfortunately due to the “colonial brainwashing” we got during the slave trade era, we believe everything the white brings to us is intrinsically superior to our native customs and cuisine, it’s time we change that mind-set by becoming proud of our local delicacies and showcase them properly to the world.

You never can tell that could be one of our biggest export, that’s why African Food Network was created to redefine the world’s view about African Cuisine, Chefs and Traditional Cooks”

Take out time to visit , recipes are being published on the site on a daily basis, there is no African recipe you looking for you won’t see there all you need to do is search.