October 27, 2017

Sexual harassment: Female employees threaten British parliament

University Sexual Harassment Bill not enough, we need entire culture change

Sexual harassment bill

Female employees of the British parliament have created a secret list of members of parliament and other male staffers who they said have carried out sexual harassment, a local media reported on Friday.

Researchers, secretaries and aides set up a group chat on the messaging platform WhatsApp in which they shared names of the men along with details of alleged harassment.

One minister was branded “not safe in taxis,” another post warned of a man that was “very handsy,” while another warned to avoid getting the lift with a certain man.

“The men named are said to include cabinet ministers,’’ it reported.

A spokesman for the government, however, said “it takes the welfare of everyone who works in Parliament very seriously’’ and urged victims to report any abuse through official channels.

The news surfaced amid a flood of allegations against other