October 24, 2017

Obi will fail in his Godfatherism quest in Anambra – Obigwe

Obi will fail in his Godfatherism quest in Anambra – Obigwe

Peter Obi Vs Willie Obiano

By Nwafor Sunday

The National coordinator APGA Media Warriors Forum, Evang Chinedu Obigwe has said that Ex-governor Peter Obi’s mission to be the ‘political godfather’ in Anambra politic would fail him, noting that Obi’s hatred for Governor Willie Obiano was because his successor surmounted all the political landmines he planted against him.

Peter Obi Vs Willie Obiano

“Contrary to Peter Obi’s fabricated tissues of lies against Gov Obiano via his interview with newsmen, his main reasons for waging a political war against Gov Obiano were because he was not happy that his successor surmounted all the political landmines he planted against him.”

In a press release made public to newsmen, Obigwe described Obi as a deceitful person who pretends to be holier than everybody whereas he is the devil in an angel form.

“Ex-governor Obi is the master of deceit and a political business merchant that moves around Nigeria with holier than thou attitude”, he said

He said these while reacting to Peter Obi’s published interview where he opined that ‘lies and deceits are the reasons he wanted Gov Obiano out of office’.

According to Obigwe, “Few months to Mr. Peter Obi’s exit from office he planned for Gov. Obiano’s failure before handing over to him with the conduct of Local government elections, recruitment of 6000 workers, award of many contracts with payment of 25percent mobilization and subsequent collection of 10percent kick-back from contractors.

“But to his greatest surprise on assumption of office Governor Obiano did not sack the 6000 workforce recruited by Obi, nor dissolved the local government elected representatives and continued the execution of the projects inherited from him without cancelling or reviewing the fraudulent contracts. Obiano covered his mess and now he is casting aspersions on Gov Obiano.

“Peter Obi can never deny demanding 7billion naira from Governor Obiano as his 2013 campaign fund expenses because when Joe Martin Uzodike his political ally blew the whistle on the demand he did not refute it.  All that Obi said are ‘compounded Lies’ that irritates even a two year old child.”

Speaking on the rationale behind Obi’s rocky support for Obaze, Obigwe moaned that “Peter Obi’s reason for piloting the campaign for Governor Obiano’s down fall was because of his inordinate ambition to be the political godfather of Anambra State.

“His godfatherism ambition has clouded his senses of reasoning but November 18th election  is a battle between him (Obi) and the people of the State, who are determined to shame him at the same time bent on re-electing Governor Obiano for a merited second term.”

However, “the overwhelming support Governor Obiano is enjoying from the people of the State is as a result of his excellent performance in office and the Governor’s victory sign in the November 18th election is vividly manifesting itself in the State”, he said.

He referred to Governor Obiano as a blessing to the people of the State and said that his divine mission in the State is to deliver dividends of good governance to them.

He advised the people of the State to disregard Peter Obi’s concocted tissue of lies that is aimed at poisoning their minds against Governor Obiano and also urged them to use their voting power to bury godfatherism in Anambra State by re electing Governor Obiano for a well deserved second term.

“APGA is our own, let’s vote for Gov. Obiano and shame haters of his good works”, he finally said