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Nigerian kleptocracy tour: 55 people stole $6.2bn – Lai Muhammed

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The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has said that 55 people he believes are responsible for stealing about $6.2 billion from Nigeria.

The minister speaking with Al Jazeera in video on ‘Kleptocracy tour’ in London organised by Anti-corruption campaigners in British capital designed to expose money-laundering by foreigners said if only one third of the stolen money was returned to Nigeria it will build 600 kilometres of Roads, thirty seven hospitals, twenty thousand housing unit and train four thousand kids from primary to university level

Also Lauretta Onochie on her Facebook page wrote ‘It’s the season of weird demands. Recently, Nigerians were assaulted by the demand by the Wife of the former President, Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan, asking President Muhammadu Buhari to “Tell EFCC to leave her alone”.

Fat chance! EFCC is an institution, not an adulterous man running after someone else’s wife. So, woman to woman, I asked her to look inwards. Patience should wear the sort of aura that dispels, rather than attract law enforcement agencies. She can start by being honest and coming clean, regarding everything – cash, properties, etc., that were ill-acquired. Then hand them back to the rightful owners. Yes, back to Nigerians via the EFCC.

You see, EFCC, ICPC, DSS, CCT, all follow the smell of crimes. If she does not have suspicions of criminal activities oozing and buzzing from and around her, there’s no way she’ll be dragging President Buhari to commit impunity by ordering EFCC to leave you alone. But there again, she’s been busy swatting the bees, she had no time to see that her husband’s reign of impunity, ended many moons ago. But that’s not the end of the story.

And then, there’s Diezani Alison Madueke. She too, wants something. She wants to return home. Remember she’s in the UK for medical purposes. Remember the photoshopped images her image launderer plastered all over the tabloid and the Social Media?

Diezani is over 18 years old. That makes her an adult. She dusted her passport and flew out of this country, Nigeria. She had concluded plans to run off to a Carribean Island to live off the blood money she stole, no hauled from the poorest and the most vulnerable citizens of this nation. She had no idea that she had become attractive to the British authorities And had been in their view since 2013.

You see, these women, who own choice properties and obese bank accounts they do not need, across the world including Nigeria, had the best of opportunities to improve the lives of Nigerians, especially those who suffer health hazards from environmental degradation in the bowels of the Niger Delta where these two come from. If they cared not about their immediate environment, why would they bat an eyelid that environmental issues in the Lake Chad Basin, was fuelling Boko Haram.

The adage that what a man can do a woman can do better, has never been proven more by anyone than Diezani Madueke. The forfeitures the Nigerian people have been awarded against Diezani, the pending and on-going corruption investigations and cases, are a testimony that this woman, who was elevated to the status of a goddess by ex-President Jonathan, has cases to answer, from UK to USA, Italy to the Carribean.

Why Mrs Madueke suddenly developed an urge to return home, is not clear. But many Nigerians think its not unconnected to the perceived cash and carry criminal justice system in Nigeria. But she’s probably not aware that the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Onnoghen, has vowed to clean up the judiciary. But there might be those judges who would be tempted by the mouth watering inducement that flows from the bottomless pit of Diezani Madueke’s haulage.

May I remind Mrs Madueke that a certain Rtd Admiral Alison Madueke, warned President Muhammadu Buhari to leave his wife alone. May I also remind Diezani that Nigerians assume that she is that wife that the retired Naval officer warned the President about. Now that she has been left alone, if she needs to return to Nigeria, she will also need her husband to threaten President Buhari to come after her, Hahahahaha….

Dear Sis, In the meantime, you should make yourself comfortable in the UK. Attend to your criminal trials going on there. When found guilty, happily serve your jail term because it’s just the beginning. Then when you are done, repeat the same process in America and then in Italy. If you are still alive by then, you should then be retired to Nigeria, to begin the same process that will ultimately lead you to your retirement home. You have a choice between Kirikiri and Kuje, among other prisons.

Till then, it’s Goodbye Diezani. You aren’t coming home soon!

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