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Emerging political leaders seeks paradigm shift for Nigeria’s political, economic emancipation

The Emerging Political Leaders (EPL) Summit, billed for November 22, 2017, at the Shehu Musa Yar’adua Center, Abuja, among others things seeks a new set of leaders with a different orientation towards economic and political problem solving, and a new engagement model with citizens, the organisers have said.

Convener, Emerging Political Leaders Summit, Wale Ajani

A statement by the Convener, Wale Ajani, said the EPL Summit became imperative at this auspicious moment in our chequered history as “Nigeria has remained a country of enormous potentials for several decades. The consensus among local and international leaders of thought is that Africa’s most populous country and largest economy ought to have performed much better in terms of human development and economic indices.

“Leadership failure is largely at the heart of the current woes bedeviling Nigeria, with little being done to build a new crop of leaders, the nation seems fixated. The citizens have come to have very low expectations of their leaders.”

The statement said: “There is a need to raise the bar of engagement about Nigeria and find effective solutions to her challenges across board. There is also a need to properly situate the country, within the context of her past and present, to fashion out a more desirable future for the citizenry to enable the nation take her place of pride in Africa and the world.

The Concept

“The world today is driven by knowledge, but the Nigerian political leadership is still fixated on how to share crude oil rents. Nigeria has tried but failed to build a stable economy driven by the sales of an unstable commodity and a near zero attempt to build human capacity.

“The pointers indicate that the current economic realities relying solely on crude oil will remain unstable over the long term and there is a need for paradigm shift to a more sustainable source of revenue in the new digital age.

“This new narrative demands for a new set of leaders with a different orientation towards economic and political problem solving, and a new engagement model with citizens, hence the need for this summit.”

According to Ajani, “The Emerging Political Leaders Summit provides a platform for qualitative conversations and discourse about Nigeria as an alternative to the current system where there is a disconnect between citizens’ expectations and service delivery by our current crop of leaders.

“Participation is a fundamental democratic right. This program is expected to consciously remove existing barriers to emerging leaders’ political participation. It will foster Emerging leader’s collaborative participation and intellectual engagements with other stakeholders, wherein young people will effectively take part in regular political decision-making processes. The EPL Summit is neither a one-off nor a short-term intervention, but a long-term engagement amongst the Emerging political leaders to build a consciousness amongst the vast majority of Nigerians.”

Among other things, he added that “the focus of this summit is: To create a citizen standards and platform for who becomes what in Nigeria’s political leadership space; Give the Emerging political leaders the needed tools and skills required to become political leaders in the new economy; Give the Emerging political leaders a voice to contribute to pertinent issues affecting the country and what can be done to ameliorate the sufferings of the people by participation and engendering good governance; Give the Emerging Political Leaders a platform to share experiences with a view to determining the best model for development oriented governance across the nation/continent, as well as Breaking Political and Economic barriers for emerging political leaders. To Register for the Summit visit:”.


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