By Victoria Ojeme

The Chairman National Population Commission Eze Duruiheoma, SAN has said that a buoyant economy and massive investment in the educational sector will earn the country real dividened.


The NPC Chairman said this during the 5th Annual Population Lecture Series APLS media parly yesterday in Abuja.The 2017 APLS is, Theme: Achieving demographic dividened: strategic tool for National economic recovery and sustainable development.

“The APLS primarily focuses on topical issues relating to Nigeria’s population and its development challenges.

The broad objective of the APLS is to bring to the fore the major emerging concerns that affect the well-being of Nigeria’s rapidly growing population, as well as its development trajectory, for the attention of policy makers and the general public.He said that, “the theme of this year’s APLS is ‘ Achieving Demographic Dividened: strategic tool for National Economic Recovery and Sustainable Development’. The theme is chosen in tandem line with the effort made so far, by the federal government Nigeria under the leadership of the president Muhammadu Buhari effort to revamp the Nation’s economy through the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan ERGP, which also aligns with the launching of Nigeria’s Roadmap on Demographic Dividened by the vice president Prof. Yemi Osinbajo earlier this year.

He explained that the implementation of the Nigeria’s Roadmap on Demographic Dividened will improve the living condition of the youth, which will invariably exert positive impact on the overall welfare of the general population. It will also facilitate rapid economic growth through the engagement of more active proportion of the population into diverse bases thereby, ameliorating the adverse effects of a dwindling economy due to the fall in benchmark oil price since 2013.

In addition, it is expected to bring about huge turn around in the very low human development index ratings of the country.

He stated that, the 5th APLS is meant to deepen government and other stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of the benefits of investing in the appropriate systems and sectors to achieve demographic dividends in Nigeria.Draw up a call to action for targeted youth investments in relevant policies and programmes in Nigeria.

To arouse public interests on the need to key in to the tenets of Nigeria’s Roadmap on Demographic Dividened.In a nutshell, maintained that,”the 2017, APLS activities are geared to galvanize public support towards the implementation of Nigeria’s RDD and to improve public awareness among Nigerians through the media about the benefits of reaping demographic dividened.”the role of the media as purveyors of information and public education through its agenda setting cannot be over emphasised.

We rely on the members of the press to draw the attention of the policy makers and the general public to support the implementation of Nigeria’s roadmap on demographic dividened. He thereby urge the media to complement their efforts towards making the 2017, APLS a huge success.

He commended the effort of MDAs and the development partners.To reap demographic dividened, there must be adequate investment in the educational sector and there must be conscious effort to provide employment for those who want to school, for that is determination.

On what the NPC is doing concerning the out school children, he said that, they are drawing attention to the pitt fall in the system and that the whole essene of the lecture series. So, we are doing our constitutional bit. Adding that, that was the reason for the launching of the roadmap towards achieving demographic dividened in Nigeria.

The roadmap contains all they need to get to the bottom of the whole issues.He said, their focus is on youth between 15 and 40 which falls under the reproductive age, who constitute the majority and should be the people who to reap the demographic dividened we are talking about.

And if effort are made to invest in them and their education and equipped them with the skills they we need to be successful in life of course, we are on the right track towards reliazing demographic dividened.If we keep our population uncontrolled, is dangerous for the country and the ways the country can overcome it, is by birth control, that family should be encouraged to control and with that our growth rate is controlled.

On the way out of poverty, ” poverty is a reflection of the economy situation. If the economy is buoyant, it will translate to the people living happily.

The danger in our situation, is that of every one looking up to the government for employment and it is not an ideal thing, for government don’t provide employment but the private sector are the ones that provides employment while the government complement but today government is the major employers because the economy is bad.

So, all hands should be on desk to make sure that we resecure our economy, put it on a sound fetting so that it can absorb the timing population of job seekers.

The ideal thing is a buoyant economy with the private sector growth and employing and called on the Nigerians to pray for a time when the private sector will take back it is position as the leading employer of labour.

Invest massively in education because that is the starting point. If people are sufficiently educated and skilled, they will definitely find their skills useful some where.

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