September 9, 2017

Ugborodo crisis: Police summons elders council chairman’s son for alleged forgery

Ugborodo crisis: Police summons elders council chairman’s son for alleged forgery

By Egufe Yafugborhi
WARRI – LINGERING leadership crisis in oil rich Ugborodo, Warri South West council area, Delta state, has assumed a fresh twist with Mr. Tuoyor Ojoghor, son of the Eghare-Aja (Elders Council Chairman) summoned by the Nigerian Police authorities in Abuja.

Tuoyor, member of the Delta state government’s inaugurated Ugborodo Community Management Committee, UCMC, is being summon based on a petition filed by chairman of parallel Ugborodo Administrative Committee (UAC), Jolomi Metsegharun, accusing Ojogor of forging Eghare Wellington Ojoghor, his father’s signature on the community documents.

Tuoyor, however told Vanguard in Warri yesterday that he had, first, responded to the petition in a statement at the Warri Area Command, to the effect that the allegations were unfounded and diversionary, adding that the petitioner and his sponsors were the ones with ulterior motives.

Meanwhile, an arrest attempt on Tuoyor by a team of three officials, including two females, of the Federal Investigative Bureau (FIB), detailed from Abuja, almost went fatal on Friday as teeming youths from Ubeji where he is resident sensed foul play and almost mobbed the security agents.

The security operatives, who invaded Tuoyor’s home at dawn on Friday attracted the youths as they tried to force their way into the house with their target’s wife and children home as he was said to have left the house.

A source at the scene told Vanguard, “The policemen said they were sent from Abuja. Tuoyo has been accused of impersonating and forging his father’s, the Eghare-Aja, signature and using same in favour of one side in the leadership crisis that has been troubling the community”

Tuoyor in his reaction stated, “The reason for Jolomi Meshagharun petitioned is nothing strange. A couple of years back Ofenene and Blackie Joe came to destroy my house for same reason. They have ulterior motives and just misleading the police.

“I have tendered my statement at the Warri Area Commander’s office, granted bail and have been asked to appear sometime in Abuja. That is the much I can say. I think the petitioner and his allies giving me threat calls have some ulterior motive for raising this frivolous petition.”