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Society doesn’t allow Nigerian women to be romantic – Daniel Lloyd

Ijaw guy and Nollywood actor, Daniel Lloyd is one of the actors of the moment, hugging all the juicy roles there are in the industry. He has been starred alongside the most beautiful and most talented women in Nollywood. His most recent film ‘Our  Dirty Little Secrets” stars him with a cast which includes Rosy Meurier, Belinda Effah, Femi Branch, Amaka Chikwujekwu and a host of others.

Daniel Lloyd

In his own opinion, very much unlike Benson’s, Nigerian women are not romantic for a reason beyond their control.

According to Daniel, the African society, Nigeria in particular, doesn’t smile kindly on women who exhibit their romantic nature in public.

“ Being romantic comes with expression and our society does not give them the room to express it. The ones who do are regarded as not being dignified. The society plays a major role in women expressing their romantic sides”, he said.



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